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Finding Gaps in the Modern Market, the Oceania Way

It’s a strange age for business across the continent. With space to operate locally and nationally, between nearby nations and globally via the internet, there’s a tremendous amount of room for growth. The modern markets are constantly moving, with people all over exploring and applying the latest breakthroughs in technologies and trends, and there are still;new gaps in the markets popping up regularly.

At the dawn of our digital era, it was opening businesses up on the internet that showed innovation in finding gaps in the market. A fine;example of this was Kate Morris, who turned her knowledge of working behind the counter in a Melbourne department store into a colossal cosmetics website, Adore Beauty, tapping into Australian customers’ desires for an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Identifying a gap in the market can come in one of three ways: taking something into a new market, creating something entirely novel, or improving something that already exists. Here, we’re exploring some of the ways that Oceania-based businesses have flourished by playing to newly exposed gaps.

Streamlining experiences for convenience's sake

As lives have become more hectic, technology has adapted to become much more able to offer near-instant solutions. This has been flared up further by mobile internet;–;mobiles, and tablets being so widespread and convenient. Science Direct shows that convenience is measured by customised services;saving time;and saving money, meaning that gaps in markets can be found by exploring these considerations.

Making a service or even a whole industry more convenient for customers by showing tailored results, offering time-saving solutions, and showing the best deals can be the idea behind a brand;in itself. Creating a new tier of convenience can not only build a business on top of an existing market, but it can also help businesses within who want to adapt and become better.

Over in New Zealand, one of the newer but very popular spaces in entertainment is that of online gambling. There are too many platforms to count that cover sports betting, casino gaming, and more, with each brand promising different betting opportunities and promotions. In response to this, Betpal launched in New Zealand, consolidating all of the information about these platforms into one place so that players can conveniently get the essential information and comparisons, finding out what the details they want and getting a sense of the different bonuses on the market.

Expanding and combining trends

It’s an evolving world of new ideas and preferences, with the new prime customer market having an ingrained need to;support businesses that care;for the environment and are carbon neutral. New technologies are introducing ways that businesses can sell themselves as being green, but there are also perhaps yet-unexplored ways that people can embrace this trend and offer a wholly eco experience that catches the eye of modern consumers.

In the Northern Territory, Earth Sanctuary is the prime example of a business that not only jumped on the eco trend, but also expanded into new trends and incorporated them into the offering. Now a leader in the area’s eco-tourism industry, with 100%;carbon-neutral venues, they bolstered their early eco-efforts by exploring another gap in the local market, founding their own Astronomy Tours to take people on trips to experience the clear desert night sky and bring them in touch with nature.

Filling a gap in a market can be one of the most rewarding aspects of going into business, with these just being just a few of the examples of modern Oceania businesses doing so successfully.