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How business can accelerate digital transformation through cloud

Cloud digital transformation refers to the moment an organization adopts new technologies. These technologies help it redesign and redefine its relationships with employees, business partners, and customers. Digital transformation for business, therefore, covers all from creating new business models, modernizing applications, providing services for their customers, and building new products.

Your business has to follow the elements of digital transformation by choosing digital transformation frameworks because it helps reimagine to stay competitive in your respective field. And because we live in a world that has continuous evolution, that's why it is encouraged by all companies to drive their activity to new technologies. That could be a significant reason why Digital Transformation is becoming a survival tactic.

Today, all the companies are measuring their performance via customer experience. This is a cloud-enabled business model that supports organizations when they adopt newer channels.

On the other hand, cloud computing is a process of storage, maintenance, management, analytics, security of data, and processing through the exploitation of internet-based servers. This data will not be saved on a physical device but in the cloud. By doing this, your business can streamline the processes, optimize costs, improve productivity, enhance digital customer experience and manage the administration.

What are the Types of Cloud Computing?

The cloud consist of the following types of services:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

This is the first option where a third-party cloud provider will host software applications. They then provide them to customers worldwide on-demand. Some of the examples include Hubspot, BigCommerce, Dropbox, Google Apps, and more.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

In this option, it is where the third-party providers will offer software and hardware tools, databases, operating environments, or computing platforms. These are conceived in developing internet applications. Some of these examples include Heroku, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, GCO, Windows Azure, and more.


This option contains the third-party vendors who provide access to computing resources that include data center space, storage, network components, scaling, or servers. Some of the examples in this category include Rackspace, Digital Ocean, and more.

Why Cloud Computing to accelerate digital transformation?

Cloud Computing is beneficial for your business. It provides empowerment to digital business transformation. For your business to be competitive in the market and bring added value, you have to embrace the digital transformation process as required. This means you upgrade the old IT infrastructure and form a new one.

Besides, your company must integrate the new technologies as they are fast, automated, and can improve your business. There are some cloud digital transformation technologies to adopt, and they include Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Big Data Analytics.

Keep in mind that, to adopt these technologies, they need big storage space and heavy computing power.

Summing up, for these reasons above, you have to adopt cloud digital transformation in your business.
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