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BabyDink was born from a place of connection and love

Inspired by the rich tradition of Indigenous cultures, who used babywearing to allow freedom of movement and important bonding for babies and parents. BabyDink carriers acknowledges this heritage and nurtures the experience of babywearing in a natural and effortless way.

The idea for BabyDink was first sparked when founder Jennie McAlpine was living in Byron Bay 20 years ago as a young mum of two. 

“I loved the feeling of carrying my baby girl and having her close to me, but it just seemed like so much effort to perfect the wrap myself. I thought this would be so much quicker, safer and easier if I could just put it on like a top.”

Jennie quickly realised she wasn’t alone. The idea followed her around. Constantly chatting to other parents and observing different baby wrapping methods, she became obsessed in providing better support for mums and bubs. 

From there Jennie spent the next decade (plus some) perfecting the design and fabrication, while simultaneously raising a family and running a separate business.

From the first crazy samples she mocked up in her living room, to the hours and years developing and testing materials, patterns, BabyDink was and still is a project of love.

In 2018 Jen knew she had created a product she knew would support new parents, allow them to make meaningful connections with their baby, while making those early months a little easier by having your arms free.

“We aim to play a humble but vital part in regulating a new babes nervous system with that of their folks. It’s all about heartbeat rhythm and skin on skin connection – keeping that precious new baby close enough to kiss. While also honouring modern parents often need to have the flexibility of being hands-free.”

Her focus on simplicity in design and on an environmentally responsible and low impact supply chain resulted in the world’s first garment-like baby carrier.

Today the brand is growing rapidly, with more and more babes bundled up closely and safely to their parents in their BabyDink across the world.
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