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How Does Strata Management Services Help You in Achieving Property-Related Matters?

Think of a duck gliding through a pond. On the surface, all you see is its body moving smoothly through the water with almost effortless grace. However, if you look below the waterline, you’ll observe that its feet are kicking and moving furiously to maintain its forward momentum. This image is likely an apt description of how a strata operates.

On its face, a strata is a large entity whose components fit together in one cohesive unit. But, upon closer inspection, the inner workings of living communities are intricate and complex. As a result, it takes a lot to run a strata and even more to do so well. Adelaide strata management service Strata Data is a reliable and trusted company to manage your property.

What is a strata?

The term strata refers to a model of property ownership in Australia that allows individuals to own certain parts of a larger property or lots while sharing ownership of others.

When you purchase a lot within a strata, you are issued a legal document known as a strata title. Collectively, all the lots within a strata make up a strata scheme.

Once you are issued a strata title, you automatically become a member of the owners’ corporation or body corporate. This body is made up of all lot owners. It becomes responsible for all matters to do with the scheme, including maintenance, establishing the strata’s by-laws and compliance with state legislation. Often, to streamline the hierarchy further for better operation, members of the body corporate will elect an executive committee into place.

The executive committee is still comprised of lot owners. Therefore, the responsibility of running the strata scheme still falls on the shoulders of people who may not be well versed in such matters. This lack can present a problem in how efficiently the strata is administered. To mitigate the issue, the body corporate appoints strata management services or a strata manager- a professional whose skills lie in the proper management of strata.

Since strata management services are exclusively geared toward the administration of a strata scheme, they take over the handling of strata property related matters, including:

  • Maintenance- care for all commonly owned property is the body corporate’s responsibility and, thus, the strata manager. For example, gardens, walking paths, lobbies, communal gyms or entertainment areas, among others. Proper maintenance also involves hiring the relevant technicians and professionals and overseeing their work.

  • Administration- a host of administrative responsibilities require proper execution, including record keeping, informing the body corporate of upcoming meetings, taking meeting minutes, making the records available for audits, and many more.

  • Financial oversight- all matters to do with the finances of the owners’ corporation go through the strata manager. These include but are not limited to issuing levy notices, collecting contributions, debt recovery, budgeting and funds management. In addition, the manager keeps careful financial records.

  • Technical assistance- strata management services arrange for common property repairs, building insurance, compliance review and certification that the strata remind up to date at all times.

In the face of the demanding nature of strata management, the most valuable asset at the owners’ corporation disposal is strata management services. They take on the day-to-day operation of a strata scheme while eliminating any guesswork for executive committee members. They may also be the padding feet of the strata, keeping it operating smoothly at the top for a thriving living community.

So, if you need help achieving property related matters within your strata scheme, look no further than the professionals who provide strata services in the Melbourne area. With them on board, you will be able to benefit from their professional expertise and management abilities. Moreover, your strata will serve as a shining example for others everywhere.

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