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5 Reasons to Move Your Business to Dubai

Entrepreneurs flock to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates every year to follow their dreams of expanding their empire across all corners of the earth.

An indicator of how easy it is to move to Dubai is the fact that ex-pats make up around 92% (8.54 million) of the city's population. The city has long been praised for its straightforward approach to facilitating the setup of a new company.

If you own a company and would like to spread your wings and move it to Dubai, here are some excellent reasons to do just that.

Free Zone Benefits

The United Arab Emirates has areas all over the land known as Free Zones.

Suppose you are moving an Australian company to Dubai and locate it in one of the 30 free zones in Dubai. In that case, you will be entitled to benefits such as complete tax exemptions on personal and corporate income, withholding tax, and export tax.

Up until three years ago, before the Foreign Direct Investment Law was introduced, it was a federal requirement that a native of the United Arab Emirates held at least 51% of the shares of a company. In 2021, if you have a business in a free zone, you will have 100% control of your business.

Stable Government

The government in the UAE is stable and encourages foreign business investors and entrepreneurs to set up homes in their land. The stability of the nation encourages other countries across the globe to conduct business deals with the Emirates - it is a trusted trader.


Dubai is situated close to most continents and is connected to the rest of the world by way of 120 waterways and 85 airlines, so if your business involves the shipping of goods across the globe, Dubai is the perfect central location.


Arabic is the official language of Dubai, but 90% of the population speak English. English is spoken in all hotels, on public transport, taxis, shops, and malls.

Dubai has immigrants from countries such as India and Bangladesh, so languages such as Urdu, Malayalam, Hindi, and Gujarati are widely spoken.


To encourage foreign investment in their city, the government of Dubai has introduced a 10-year residential visa for business investors and their families.

The visa is also offered to skilled professionals in the fields of science, medicine, research, and technology in order to build up a strong pool of talent. Business people are then spoilt for choice when it comes to recruiting quality staff for their new enterprise.

Because the UAE actively encourages business investments, it is relatively quick and easy to relocate an established business in Dubai or start a new one. Some companies can be set up in as little as two weeks.

However, to save time and ensure your move to Dubai is a smooth one, you could hire the services of a relocation company that will help you navigate visas, business licenses, tax laws, and even find you a place to stay and a school for your kids.

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