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Why Your Small Business Needs a Phone Number

A business phone number is probably one of the last things anyone would think about while starting a business. Most people would usually just use their numbers and while that might be effective at first, there are downsides to it. It not only steals into your privacy but also does not project a professional appearance to your customers.

In Australia, the 1300 number availability makes it easier for businesses to project a professional look to their potential customers. By owning one of these numbers, you instill trust in your customers and make it easier for them to contact and patronize you.

This article highlights some important benefits of owning a business phone number.

It Looks Professional

Owning a business phone number makes your business look credible, as no one would love to connect to a personal voicemail, which can seem fraudulent. Most people today expect to see a phone number on a business card or any branding material, and taking this step can improve your chances.

It Expands Communication Abilities

A study conducted by Google shows that 70% of mobile searchers have used the call button directly from search results to contact a business. Using a personal phone number for this can hinder your response to some of these calls, as you tend to ignore them. On the other hand, if it were a business phone number, you are more likely to respond to or return the call. Every minute counts in winning over a potential client and you don’t want to pass that up by not owning a professional number.

It Improves Customer Satisfaction

A potential client will likely look out for a number to call your business and if they don’t find one, it can be displeasing. This can ruin your company’s reputation and there’s a chance that you will eventually lose the client to a readily available competitor. With a recognizable business phone number, anyone interested in your business or service would be able to contact you with just a click

It Guards Your Privacy

Do you want to be available round the clock or only at specific hours of the day? These are important questions you must ask as you decide on the phone number for your business. If you use a personal phone number, you won’t be able to choose your working hours or switch off your phone while vacationing. However, a business phone number will let you choose your working hours without interfering with your privacy. You can also have the calls forwarded simultaneously to different phones if you have several people to answer incoming calls.

It Helps with Consistent Business Branding

A business phone number can help you maintain consistent branding across all communicating channels. This ensures that every business ad or branding material has the same number a potential client can call.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how owning a business phone number benefits you, your choice of number depends on you. You could use a local number, a toll-free number, or an already existing number that can be set aside for business use.

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