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The list of Formula 1’s well-paid drivers (Verstappen and Hamilton)

Formula 1’s Highest-Paid Drivers

As for today, Lewis Hamilton is in the centre of attention speaking about the earnings (the figure for him equals $62 million on the 2021 track). The figure mentioned includes the base salary which equals $55 million which is more than twice compared with his closest competitor. And it’s not only him who earns a lot. The Formula 1 drivers are hitting all the records (by the way, in case you are fond of this kind of sport, you may follow Bet365 Australia to place the bets and have fun with this).

Max Verstappen is currently second on the list of earnings with a figure of $42 million. Then, there is Fernando Alonso. As long as Hamilton has been the leader since 2014, for now, he is guaranteed to be the leader of the earnings race.

Here’s an important point to consider: for F1 drivers, big salaries are more vital because they don’t get profit from endorsements like famous stars of other kinds of sports. At the same time, the salaries they get have to be linked to the marketing gap (for instance, as for Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, they had to cut some expenditures linked to many aspects).

As for the best paid 10 drivers of F1 for 2021, here they are:

  • Lewis Hamilton. Today, he can be compared with Michael Schumacher speaking of his popularity. He signed a couple of very valuable contracts. Besides, he is a leader of X44, which is a famous team in the racing industry;

  • Max Verstappen. In 2021, he broke all his personal records and had plenty of winnings. Despite his young age, he managed to achieve a lot already. By the way, he was named the youngest F1 driver in history;

  • Fernando Alonso. Despite the fact that he was away because of a couple of scandals, he managed to come back and win his fortune. He is considered to be the champion of various tournaments and contests such as 24 Hours of Daytona, and Dakar Rally;

  • Sergio Perez. This is an F1 driver from Mexico. Red Bull Racing is what he is involved in. He obtained quite high positions in driving but it was a bit unstable (he was the third and the fifth then). His name is also quite significant for F1 history;

  • Sebastian Vettel. A legendary driver from Germany who managed to win 4 championships in a row which wasn’t left unnoticed. All these competitions were held from 2010 to 2013. Speaking of the number of the career wins, he has more of them considering everyone except for Schumacher and Hamilton;

  • Charles Leclerc. His contract with Scuderia Ferrari is signed until the year 2024. He came from Ferrari Driving Academy. He was noticed in 2019 through the period when he had his first season. However, recently he had a chance for the rehab: it was British Grand Prix;

  • Valtteri Bottas. This driver came from Finland. He had a rather unsuccessful start in 2021. However, there also were many positive moments in his career;

  • Daniel Ricciardo. The debut season of this Australian driver was performed for McLaren. His nickname in the industry is Honey Badger. This is explained by the feistiness he demonstrates towards the others;

  • Lando Norris. English driver who started with McLaren is also considered to be a famous one in the industry. What is also curious, he started an esports team in 2021;

  • Carlos Sainz. Within his first season at Ferrari, this Spanish driver kept up with Charles Leclerc. He is rather young (26 years old), so everything is pretty much ahead for him.

The salaries of the drivers participating in Formula 1 are normally available for the public. However, to create this, a lot of attention was also paid to the press leaks, legal documents, and stuff. Usually, the salary of a driver consists of a certain base, and then, some bonus money is added there (for taking high positions in the championships and stuff like that). The bonus for the whole year is linked to the results of the first ten races held within the season.

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