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Benefits of using electric linear motion systems and actuators

Linear actuators are pneumatic gadgets that produce linear motion/movement. These actuators are used in motion control applications. There are a number of actuators to select from. There are electric, pneumatic, electro-mechanical and hydraulic actuators. While only two actuators are common; hydraulic and pneumatic, electric linear actuators are also receiving recognition. This is because of their efficiency. The following are the reasons why electric linear actuators are being proffered over the other types.

Relatively Simple design

This feature is very useful when it comes to choosing appropriate actuators. The simplicity of their design makes them compatible with many machines. Further, it is easy to incorporate electric linear actuators with other motion equipment. For equipment with complex designs, simplistic design of these actuators makes them ideal. This is to avoid extra challenges that would otherwise arise while using the actuator or fitting it with the machine.


Electric technology does not involve emissions of gasses unlike other forms of energy such as diesel. Thus, it is deemed to be clean technology. Unlike other actuators, electric actuators require electricity to run. For this reason, electric linear actuators are recommended in quite a number of industries. They help to minimize contamination of elements being processed. Also, these actuators run smoothly without any noise. This provides a comfortable working environment. It actually meets the minimum requirements for noise emission regulations.

Low cost

The low cost associated with owning electric linear actuators is because it is cheap to keep them in good shape. The system for turning the axles in these actuators is an electro-mechanical one. This axle cost less to maintain. Electric linear actuators are also cheap to operate as compared to the hydraulic equivalent. This is because; power is required only when they are in motion. Thus, they are energy saving too. The benefits from these actuators are realizable after long periods when they reach residual value.

Relatively low maintenance

The simplicity of electric linear motor design guarantees low maintenance cost. The parts of this actuator rarely need to be lubricated. With other actuators, they must be serviced regularly by adding lubricants. Lubrication, which ensures smooth operation, is quite costly. A number of axles in the hydraulic actuators are run by one system. This is not the case for electric linear actuators. As a result, a single problem affects almost the entire system. This makes electric linear actuators have relatively fewer maintenance service sessions. This helps save on cost as little maintenance work is required in these gadgets. Nevertheless, special care should be taken when operating these actuators to prevent their damage due to sensitivity.


While other actuators are commonly known to have leakages, electric linear actuators do not. These leakages can lead to fire which can cause damage to property as well as threat to the life of personnel operating a given machine.. Also, the fluids that leak could have medical effects on the manpower working in the industries. To avoid such occurrences, many industries have taken appropriate measures by installing electric linear actuators.

In summation, electric linear actuators could have their downside, but it is evident that they are more efficient when compared to other actuators. The adoption of green technology is the new trend. Due to the clean technology used by electric linear actuators, they are ideal for modern industries. Besides that, they are energy saving.
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