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EXYRA: Eye protection for online professionals and everyone else

Microsoft and Apple know that looking at computer screens can affect your eyes and your mood. The proof lies in that fact that PCs, laptops, iPhones and the best smartphones have a night viewing option. Users can set the screen intensity or brilliance to shift from white light to a softer hue.

The option to change screen intensity was forced on manufacturers because it was clear that at night, computer users found that the intense glare from any screen affected their ability to fall asleep. At normal settings, screens simulate bright daylight and that is not a good thing at 11.00 pm !

The idea behind the screen brightness intensity change is that a viewer's brain can accept that it is still night if colours are a softer hue. When the viewer wants to relax or fall asleep, they can rapidly do so. When looking at a high intensity LED screen for a long time, a viewer will have trouble falling asleep. A similar human perception reality is night vision. Pilots and ship masters use low intensity red light at night as it has been found to not cause white light glare that affects rods and cones in their eyes resulting in poor night vision.

The problem for web professionals: web designers, image editors and journalists, is that their work requires them to spend many hours each working day looking at screens. ( and probably as much on their day off doing other things online ). They can turn their device screens into night mode but there is a catch. Colours are distorted. Reds are not reds and blue shades are not shown accurately. It is hard to edit an image when you cannot see the correct nuances in each pixel.

EXYRA solves the problem ! EXYRA makes spectacles containing clear lenses that filter out the wave lengths that affect the brain's night time acceptance.

Web professionals can wear non prescription EXYRA spectacles and leave the settings for their display on true color. They see colours accurately and avoid eye fatigue.

It is not just web professionals who should consider purchasing a pair of EXYRA spectacles with their truly high tech lenses. Gamers and people who like to read a book online in bed should own a pair as well.

Here at Business Daily we tried out two pairs of review EXYRA glasses supplied by the manufacturer. For image editing, copy writing and reading, our experience over two months, was that we could work at a screen longer during the day without eye fatigue. At night, we no longer had to use the "night" setting on our device display control panels. Bright light was fine as the wave lengths that affect night perception and eye fatigue in daylight were filtered out.

Tech folks at EXYRA have done their job with lens technology. Stylists have created a wide range of spectacle shapes and colours for the frames. They work and they look good ! See the range here. EXYRA

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