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Your Guide to Cable Management in Offices

Advanced connectivity in offices has really helped to boost efficiency, cut costs and generally improve the day-to-day running of a business. However, it has also presented numerous challenges which need to be overcome.

Cable management is one of these key challenge’s offices face. So, what exactly is cable management, why is it a problem and what solutions are available to help? Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know.

What is cable management?

Cable management involves making sure the cables which run through the office are organised and kept out of the way. It can also refer to the installation of cables within the office environment.

Adequate cable management both supports and houses the cables during the installation, as well as making it easier for them to be maintained.

Why could cables in the office cause issues?

Without cable management, numerous issues can crop up. In terms of the actual installation process, it’s easy for cables to become tangled. This makes them easier to accidentally pull out, potentially knocking off important systems. It also means future attempts to maintain or change the cables would be a lot more difficult.

After installation, trailing cables through the office also pose a serious tripping hazard. Your employees could easily injure themselves tripping over the cables. This would be considered a breach of health and safety, which could land you in a lot of trouble with the law.

So, cable management is important to ensure these issues are avoided and the office is a safer environment to work in.

What can be done about it?

The good news is, it’s easy to manage the cables in the office to prevent these problems from developing. Making sure you tie the cables when installing them yourself, is an effective way of preventing that common cable spaghetti issue.

You could also consider installing the cables under the floor. This may be more expensive, but it eliminates the tripping hazard and creates a much cleaner environment. You could also install cable spines which will gather the cables together, helping to keep them neat and out of view.

As you can see, cable management in offices is important and it’s fairly straightforward to do. Leaving cables trailing through the office can have disastrous consequences on the business, yet it’s a problem many employers overlook. So, if you’re planning on having cables installed, or you currently have cables trailing through the office, employing a cable management strategy is crucial.