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Why should I buy an LED torch?

With so many different torches on the market, finding the one that's going to offer the best value can be a challenge. One of the most popular options is an LED torch. If you're considering the various types of torch available and want to know why LED torches are such popular choices, take a look at the many advantages an LED torch light can bring.

Powerful Light

Simply put, LED bulbs provide virtually instant, bright light. In comparison with halogen or incandescent bulbs, an LED light bulb will emit significantly more light for the same amount of energy. The incredible brightness means an LED torch can be used for precision activities and close work. In addition, the light is available as soon as the torch is switched on. Metal halide bulbs, which are also commonly used in torches, take a second or two to warm up. Particularly in an emergency situation, where light is needed quickly, an LED torch is the perfect option.

Efficient LED Bulbs

The tiny size of an LED bulb means it's possible for even a small torch to pack a powerful light punch! Back in the day, when the bulb size was directly proportional to the amount of light emitted, bright torches were also bulky torches. The diminutive size of an LED bulb means torches can have a more compact design, without compromising on brightness. Nobody wants to carry a torch that's bigger than it needs to be, which is why an LED torch light is such a good option when space and weight are key considerations.

Long-lasting Performance

LED light bulbs last, outperforming halogen and incandescent bulbs significantly. On average, an LED bulb will last around ten times longer than a halogen bulb, and 50 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb, making them a long-term investment. This is particularly important for a torch, where reliability is absolutely crucial. In addition, torches are often used outside the home (for example in the car or whilst camping), when a spare bulb isn't easily available. LED bulbs offer the dependable longevity a torch needs.

Very Energy Efficient

Anyone who's ever used a torch will be familiar with that sinking feeling when the light begins to flicker and dim. Whilst batteries are bound to run down over time, some light bulbs burn far more energy than others. LED bulbs are significantly more efficient than halogen bulbs, which means more torch life for the same amount of battery power.

Torches are often needed in hazardous conditions and/or challenging environments, which is why safety is always a key consideration. This is where LED torches score highly on several counts. Firstly, LED light bulbs don't contain any glass components: you can't shatter an LED bulb in the same way that an incandescent or halogen bulb can be shattered. Secondly, an LED bulb doesn't contain toxic mercury - an ingredient found in compact fluorescent bulbs.

When it comes to energy production, almost 100% of the energy which goes into an LED bulb comes out as light; very little of it is released as heat. This makes it a good choice in dangerous environments, where overheating poses a fire or explosive risk. Finally, LEDs are unaffected by heat or cold; whether you need to use your torch in a snowstorm or in the desert, an LED bulb can cope.

An Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Not only does an LED torch offer exceptional performance, but it also ticks a number of ecologically sound boxes. The longevity of the bulbs and their energy efficiency make them a low resource option. When in use, they produce virtually no emissions, which is always an environmental positive. Some elements of LED bulbs are even recyclable - an added bonus!

LED torches are all-round winners for a whole host of reasons. Not only do they provide exceptional lighting (and can even be dimmed to suit different uses), they're also cheap to run, long-lasting, safe, tough and a planet-friendly choice. Whether you need a torch for professional use, want a few handy in the home or are planning a trip and need some emergency illumination "just in case", an LED torch is the perfect option. To buy an LED torch or for more information visit your local LED torch shop today.