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4 Tips To Controlling Termite Manifestation In Your Home

As a homeowner, you have many destructive threats facing your property. Talk of hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and floods. While these forces impact your property, none of them can measure up to the termite pandemic. A termite manifestation in your backyard can lead to unimaginable damages.

These tiny animals can eat up your wooden properties within a short period. The bad thing is that they are not seasonal. Termites remain active throughout the year. For this reason, it is important to take immediate actions when you notice their presence in your backyard.

Before panicking and suffering from the termite manifestation, here are superb tips for controlling termites in your home:

Consider regular termite inspections

Inspect your property to ensure no termite colonies are building up. Sometimes, carrying this task might be a challenge. You may not be able to tell whether you are prone to termite manifestation if you do not know how to assess it. The termite may not show up but can be building their colonies underground.

For this reason, it is essential to consider working with experts like Active Termite Control on the inspection process. Having professional termite inspections will help you take timely actions and save you from the hurtful consequences.

Reduce cellulose materials in your landscape

No doubt, cellulose material is the main food for the termite. This tiny pest will always crowd on areas with such materials. Many homeowners use cellulose waste for mulching in their landscape. This practice is good for your garden as it prevents loss of moisture. However, using this material places you at the risk of termite manifestation.

You can protect your home from this pandemic by reducing cellulose material as part of your mulching. If it is not possible, you should ensure it is far from your house foundation. Nonetheless, replacing it with non-cellulose waste like coconut husks would be the best idea.

Make your house moisture-free

Termite love moisture. The moist grounds and areas make it easy for them to build a part and access your wooden components. So, ensuring minimum moisture around your home is the secret to cutting short their mission. As the homeowner, ensure there is no stagnating water or pools around your home. Work on your drainage system to avoid pools on your house foundation or the roofs. Also, fix any leakages on your plumb and sewer stem. This way, you will make your compound moisture free and rescue your property from termite manifestation.

Perform termite treatment on your wood

If you have wooden structures, you are likely to attract termites. The case will be more frequent when the wood is in contact with the ground. At times, it is hard to avoid this scenario.

But this does not mean you can’t protect your property from termite attack. The secret to dealing with these issues is by treating your wood. Several termite treatment products are available that you can use to treat the wood before using it on your structures.

In a word, you do not have to wait until the termite brings down your property to take action. You can save yourself from the termite manifestation by considering all or some of the above tips.