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How to Take Care of Wood Planer and its Blades?

Planer tools are a range of tools used to make the wood, metal surface or even concrete surfaces flat and smooth. Carpenters and hobbyists use planers for their woodwork. It is used to reduce the wood’s size and smoothen it for various projects. Various types of planers include stand-alone tabletop planers and handheld models. With proper care, the power tools can last for a long time.

The planer tools’ blades must work hard to do all the woodwork and execute the job and are subject to wear. Using power tools with dull blades is not advisable as it puts excessive load on the motor and reduces the life of the device. Worn blades could considerably reduce the efficiency of the tool. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of Makita planer blades to get the most out of your power tools.

Makita planers: Makita is a brand manufacturing a comprehensive range of power tools like — drills, table saws, grinders, impact wrenches and planers. They come in different sizes and features for specific needs; they are known for their high quality and long-lasting tools. Makita planers are a favourite among woodworkers. Here we will discuss ways to take care of the Wood planer and how to replace the blades.

How to Care for Wood Planer?

Proper storage: After every use, it is crucial to clean the wood planer and store it well. It is best to put hand planers in the company provided packaging and keep them in a clutter-free space. It will reduce the risk of accidents and injuries as well.

Preventing tools from rusting: Rusting is the biggest enemy of power tools; it could eat various parts of the machine and reduce its efficiency. Scrapping the rust using abrasive material or using electrolytic cleaning will renew the rusted blades.

Adequate lubrication: Electronic wood planers have moving parts that need to be adequately lubricated to reduce friction and prevent heating that may cause the shafting to break. Friction may also lead to excessive energy consumption.

Sharpening cutting edges: A wood planer needs sharp blades to get smooth surfaces each time. The cutting blades need to be sharpened regularly. Avoid keeping substances that may damage the blade nearby.

Replacement of parts: Power tools will require regular replacement of parts. Replacement of spare parts should be as per the manufacturer’s instructions; when in confusion, it is always best to take expert advice.

Tightening the bolts: All the moving parts of the planer are held together by the bolts. It is essential to tighten the bolts regularly to get the precise finish you require from your tools.

How to Replace Planer Blades?

Makita planer blades work hard to give your wood the desired finish. They need to be sharpened or even be regularly replaced depending on their usage. The first and most crucial step is unplugging your electronic planer to avoid accidents. Depending on the planer model, there will be a guard or a plate; you will have to remove the guard to access the spindle.

It is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to access the planer blades. Read the manuals carefully to avoid injury while changing the blades of the planer. Use a magnetic screwdriver while removing the screws holding the blades to avoid losing the screws. Make sure all blades are placed precisely the same way as the old blades were. Replace all parts by simply reversing the removal process.


Tools are vital to the success of every job a woodworker does. Without proper care of the tools, it isn't easy to get the desired results. It is essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions to understand the wood planer's usage, storage, and maintenance. Proper care of the tools will extend the life of the tools.

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