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5 Good Reasons Construction Sites in Gold Coast Use Mobile Lighting Towers

The Australian construction sector is among the biggest growing industries in the country. Because of its rapid growth, it’s expected to operate 24 hours.

With continuous work nights and high demand for project completion to keep tasks on schedule, you will require a durable and portable light source, which provides you with lighting.

If you are like many project managers in Gold Coast, you probably want to learn more about mobile lighting power and value seeing what you work on.

Portable lighting towers are not just meant for convenience. Many construction sites in Gold Coast also use them for the following reasons:

1. Transport and Setup

Mobile portable lighting is not called portable for no reason. A construction light usually requires a stationary generator to get power, making it necessary to remain in the same spot.

However, a portable lighting tower allows for easy transportation and setup. As a matter of fact, many come with some wheels for mobility reasons.

2. Safety and Durability

Safety is among the overlooked reasons for using portable lighting towers in construction sites. As far as lighting hazard is concerned, heat emission is among the common problems that come with ordinary lights. But with advanced features in mobile lighting towers, your unit will hardly emit heat; thus, minimizing the risks that come with it.

Apart from that, these towers also come with a durable design that is fireproof and explosion-proof to avoid any issue related to:

* Heat

* Electricity

3. Independent Power of Source

Usually, mobile lighting towers run on an independent source of power. In simple terms, it has a generator, making the tower light more versatile. This means you can set it up in different sections without getting restricted by the positions of outside generators, which you have not connected to. Plus, apart from lasting for a long time without the need for you to refuel, you also don’t have to get another generator to support the lighting.

4. A Wider Coverage Area

Portable lighting towers are normally multi-directional – meaning you may pinpoint them in one place to provide a powerful light where it is required.

However, you might as well move the head around to spread lighting over a bigger area. The lighting as well covers a bigger area of ground, and the added lighting capacity, which the tower provides, minimizes dark spots.

5. Portability

Although manufacturers have a wide range of fixed light towers, most industries, including construction, benefit from being portable.

Plus, they are easy to move around and deploy to different locations. Apart from considering how to maneuver your tower, it is also best to get one that you can adjust to different heights so as to illuminate construction sites properly.

The Takeaway!

Now, portable lighting towers provide more value and greater endurance due to many alternatives available these days.

So if you are looking to get a mobile lighting tower for your construction site, consider factors like environmental conditions, location, site size, required coverage, and unique working environment.
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