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Your business is vulnerable to cyber threats in ways that you may not understand, and it is possible that your business is under attack as you read this article. There are four openings in your security that can be closed quickly, and you must address each of these threats before your business comes under attack. Closing loopholes in your security with help from a cyber security firm that offers VPN services will help you protect your office from surveillance and theft.

#1: People Are Tracking You

Sophisticated hackers can figure out what you are reading online, how much you are reading and what your IP address is. A VPN will help close this loophole by obscuring your true IP address, and your office will appear to originate in another location. The VPN completely wipes out all record of your Internet activity, and you will not leave a trace of what you were doing. Online research guides much of what modern businesses do, and your online research could give away trade secrets that are precious to your business.

#2: Open Access To Your Cloud

Hackers who can trace your IP address will trace the IP address of your cloud server, and all your documents will be open for viewing. Your most private documents are located in cloud servers, and the information can be copied without your knowledge. A VPN helps prevent people from entering your cloud, and you will have more confidence in the security of your cloud.

A special VPN can be installed for your servers, and each server will have its own unique IP address. You are creating a web of IP addresses that are impossible to link, and the addresses change at random. With a VPN service like Hide.Me for example, there is no way to track the random generation of your IP addresses.

#3: Altering Your Location

The random IP addresses you are offered by a VPN will help obscure your location You may appear to be in China one day, and your office will look as though it is in Canada the next. No one will be able to link your activity to your location, and you may keep your business as anonymous. Anonymity may be the most important part of the service that you offer your customers, and you can maintain your anonymity with just one VPN in your office. Hackers cannot discover the true location of your offices, and you appear to be a different business every day.

#4: Accessing Sites That Are Off-Limits

There are websites around the world that are inaccessible to computers in the country where you work. A VPN shows a new location that is allowed to access the website, and you can search for information without fail. Customers ask you to find information on their behalf and you must have a way to finding this information quietly. A VPN creates an IP address that will help you access all the information you need for your business, and you will never be left wondering how to access a site.

The VPN you use in your office will open up the world of the Internet to you without causing security problems. A VPN creates a false identity that you can use while you surf online, and no hacker can figure out exactly who you are. Security for your computers, servers and cloud storage units will improve instantly, and you will feel as though you have freedom to do the work or research that is necessary.

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