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The Epic South: Unearth the Gift of Whitsunday Islands

Backpacking in a legendary tropical scheme indeed is a dream. Whitsunday Islands, a collection of intercontinental isles of different spheres that lie between the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia. Most of the islands of this beautiful nature are unoccupied, represented by a healthy rainforest, hiking trails, and clear white sand beaches.

If you want to explore the world, I strongly suggest you make it a priority to take a footstep on the home of the most grandiose beach in the great south, the Whitsunday Islands.

Explore the nature’s charm

Whitsunday Island, known as the largest isle in the peninsula is the house to the majestic Whitehaven Beach. Most day trips come here to study the inlets and tiny coves and where people with boats or yachts can captivate in away from it all. Numerous boats also sail to Tongue Point, located there is a trail that guides you to a caretaker over Whitehaven.

The paramount of relaxation

Whitehaven Beach, by large is the most known in all of all the Whitsundays markers on Whitsunday Island itself. It ranged approximately about 3 miles and gifted with pristine and eye-catching white sands.

If you seek an expectation that never fails, then this is for you. You can spend a beautiful day savoring the beach, and if you want to camp, there is a nearby campsite as well.

Enjoy the hospitality

Hamilton Island, one of the most inhabited and developed islands, the island has its bank, post office, and airport. Despite being relatively developed, the island remains a shelter for those going to the Whitehaven beach which is around 30 minutes through riding a boat. The great barrier reef would take about two hours.

If you are considering to spend a moment at a resort, you will find a lot of choices there, and plenty of groups to offer you day tours to the other part of the islands in the Whitsundays.

Be fascinated with wildlife

Hook Island, the second biggest island and an excellent place to observe wildlife especially birds. The island is a commonplace to stop while riding on many of the boat trips that cruise around the isles.

Witness a breathtaking marine life

The group of islands is famous for their incredible diving. However, reefs can only be seen clearer during the summertime as the visibility gets awful and you would not be able to see anything during the wet season as a result of murky water.

On the bright side, if you can witness the life in front of you underwater, you will be able to lay your eyes on variants of vibrant fish, sea turtles, and corals.

The Croc's life

Crocodile Safari is an another stuff that is old but gold. This tour is great if you have kids with you, but it is also terrific if you are with adults as well. Besides, you get to view the wetlands as well and have an excellent taste of damper and billy tea with your lunch.

The Billionaire's race

Race week in Hamilton Island on August commence as hundreds of standard yachts rented to superyachts costing billions compete in a race with serious sailing. It is one of the grandest happenings of the year, and it captivates thousands of spectators coming to witness and enjoy the festivities related to the event.

Satisfy yourself with your vacation

The natural beauty of these islands has inspired numbers of resorts to come out where you can enjoy a cluster of included accommodations. Several resorts offer package deals with sailing trips, snorkeling tours, golfing, swimming pools, arcades, and a lot more. There is a package for just about every price range and activity interest. This group of islands is undoubtedly Australia's version of paradise.


If travelling is free, then you would not see a wanderlust ever again. Exploring and discovering the beautiful wonders of nature is the dream for everyone who wants to travel the world.

Australia is a blessed country for having such a wonderful gift of life, and they are smart enough to beautify and maintain its treasure while attracting numerous of spectators. Catching Whitsunday Tours from several groups are certainly worth the moment of your life.

Author’s Bio:

Shiela Apura is a world traveler and an explorer. She has her shares of travels around asia and oceania. As she continues to discover numerous of wonderful island, she continues to write to inspire other people to travel.

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