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Situation of the COVID-19 virus pandemic in the US

The coronavirus is a big problem that the world is facing right now. It is almost in every part of the world and if care is not taken, it may spread to every part of the world. The most annoying thing is that it has taken a lot of lives and it keep increasing every day. A lot of people are curious about the situation in the US because the rate at which it is spreading in the country is alarming. Although scientists have been working to come up with a vaccine or drug to fight the virus. You must have heard about the havoc going on in the US especially in New York were over 30000 citizens have tested positive for the Corona virus. This is increasing every day and it is important that everyone knows about the situation in the country especially if you will be visiting the country after the coronavirus pandemic. In case you are in the US, you don't have to be scared because if you can follow the medical guidelines against the virus you won't be infected. Although other countries facing the Corona virus pandemic have higher mortality rates compared to the United States some of these countries include Italy, Spain, Iran, and the United Kingdom but the rate at which the virus is spreading is alarming. The good news is that the US government is trying to tackle the situation by getting more equipment and empowering health workers throughout the country. Although, there is constant news about the pandemic, but the internet is also a good way to get news updates; everyone can access it both online and on TV. Below are some important things to know about the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic in the US.

The country now has the most cases - with over a hundred thousand coronavirus cases the US, the country is now the country with the most cases and this is getting scary because most countries believe in the US and seeing the country attacked by a virus without any solution has been bothering a lot of people. There are more than thirty thousand cases of which almost 1000 citizens have died in New York. Although statistics as shown that elderly are of greater risk of dying from the virus, but it is not good news. Also, people suffering from some specific illnesses may have higher risk of dying from the virus. The best way to go about this is to play Safe by following the precautions that have been laid down by the government.

It is essential to know the current situation, especially follow the COVID-19 U.S. Statistic during this virus pandemic as it will help to plan for future trips. There are lots of things to put into consideration before visiting any nation especially if you are a first timer traveler. Take for instance, you must have adequate information about the US before visiting the country if you want to save yourself stress. Getting useful information will tell you the documents needed to enter the country. Although there are lots of documents needed by individuals traveling to the country but the esta and the visa are two vital documents that are needed by individuals traveling to the country. Your choice of document will be determined by some factors that include nationality and your mission in the country. Take for instance, citizens of visa waiver program countries are only allowed to apply for an esta while other visitors must apply for a visa. You can visit to learn more about the esta. Apart from the two documents mentioned, there are other documents like the international passport and the driver's license. Although the driver's license is not for everyone as it is only for individuals that may want to drive in the US. You may also need a police report depending on your country of origin. In case you will be applying for a visa, you should get information about necessary steps to take to get a Visa because a lot of people complain about the US visa. Try to know your ESTA status before applying for a visa because you may be eligible for an esta as well. Try to know little about your proposed destination in the US because this will help you when you get to the Country.

The government is trying - the US government is trying to eradicate the virus through different means that include empowering the health sector; by providing necessary equipment that will aid quick recovery. The president as arranged several meetings concerning the way forward with the aim of persuading top companies to manufacture equipment like the ventilators, face masks, and hand gloves.

You will need all this information if you are in the US or if you are planning to visit the US after the Corona virus pandemic. You should get yourself updated with the latest news concerning the virus and other important things during this lockdown as this will go a long way.