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Natural nail polishes - what should they not contain

The use of BIO products has many advantages. For this reason, more and more women decide to choose natural nail polishes. It is a great alternative to classic products that contain numerous harmful substances. Beauty can go hand in hand with nature and ecological products are a great example. Are you wondering what natural nail polishes shouldn't have in their composition? Let us explain!

Why is it worth using natural nail polishes?

Traditional products are gaining a bad reputation due to their chemical and harmful composition. Their intense scent can make you feel dizzy and even after you have finished painting your nails, the suffocating scent lingers for a long time at home or the nail salon. Chemical substances contained in classic products can have a negative impact on health and well-being. This is because the chemicals in the product enter the body through the nail bed. For this reason, natural varnishes are more frequently used both for personal use and in professional beauty salons. The use of organic products does not interfere with the natural nail plate in any way and does not deteriorate both your health and skin condition. These types of varnishes are free from harmful substances and they guarantee a long-lasting and aesthetic manicure.

What shouldn't natural nail polishes contain?

The list of harmful substances found in traditional products is really long. No wonder that more and more people give up this type of cosmetics. And while most of them are found in varnishes, they are often not mentioned in composition labels. Learn about some harmful substances that must be avoided.


It is a preservative that is used by many cosmetic manufacturers. It is found not only in nail polishes but also in skin care products. Research has shown that parabens have a negative effect on the proper functioning of the endocrine system.


It is a substance that protects varnishes from the influence of bacteria. It is also often found in cosmetics and provides products with proper maintenance. And although phenoxyethanol is generally not considered harmful, if inhaled it can lead to nervous system disorders.

Synthetic camphor

Camphor is a compound that has been used for years in cosmetics and medicine. Although it is also used by doctors, in high doses it can lead to tragic consequences. It is a poisonous substance that can cause confusion, convulsions and even immediate threats to life and health.

Natural nail polishes - products free from harmful substances

Fortunately, the natural nail polishes exist. They are free from harmful and poisonous substances. Organic hybrid nail polishes are a great alternative that not only provides a satisfying effect but also does not create threats for the body. For this reason, it is extremely important to carefully check the composition of the selected cosmetics and choose only those that do not contain harmful substances. The offer of the Dazzle Dry Australia store includes proven products that impress not only with their quality but above all with their natural composition.

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