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5 Hot Shades: Men’s Designer Sunglasses Trending in 2015

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Sounds a bit like an oxymoron, doesn’t it – hot shades? But this year the major designers of fashion sunglasses have gone all out and the buzz is that ‘secrets’ are also in the works. If you are looking for the hottest trends for summer 2015 you might need to wait for Ray-Ban to divulge their “non-secret secret” but the rest of the top designers are already showing what are forecast to be their latest trendsetting designs. Here are five trendy sunglasses sure to top the list this summer.

1) Burberry Square Aviator

Another year unfolds and aviator sunglasses still top the charts in men’s designer sunglasses. Burberry, true to their name as a leader in high-end fashion, is highlighting their Square Aviators in a choice of colours. Two of the colours that are fashionable this year are their aviators in Brushed Gunmetal and Brushed Light Gold.

2) Animal Vert Oval

A UK company born from frustration over ineffective watches and shades for extreme sports conditions, Animal continues to be a trendsetter in sunglasses for the sports lifestyle. This year, Animal Vert Oval is already hot and it’s not even summer yet! Their popular colour is also gunmetal, Matte Gunmetal, showing just how trendy gunmetal is sure to be in men’s designer sunglasses for summer 2015.

3) Prada Rubber Half Rim Wraparound

Ok, so just to prove a point, here is yet another top brand going all out with gunmetal! If you doubt this is the colour to buy in shades for 2015, you better take a closer look at what all the leading design houses are doing with gunmetal this year. Prada, always a name to be reckoned with in fashions of any kind, are going all out with their Rubber Half Rim Wraparound men’s sunglasses. The colour? Grey/Gunmetal of course!

4) Oakley Limited Edition Wire Tap Sunglasses

Here is another brand created after seeing a need in athletes for products designed especially to withstand the rigours of an active lifestyle. The Limited Edition Wire Tap Sunglasses are sporty enough for an ultra-active lifestyle but classy enough to be worn by the business professional. Just one look is all it takes to shout “Success!” Whether you’re at a meeting with clients or out on the town for a bit of fun, this style has a well-rounded appeal.

5) Ray-Ban Aviator in Gold Crystal Brown Pink

Ah, last but not least, the company that continues to top the charts even after more than 75 years of innovative design and functionality. Ray-Ban is always a name to contend with on a global level. This year, even the name is trendsetting. Whoever heard of a colour choice, “Gold Crystal Brown Pink?” Yet they’ve pulled it off and what an amazing blend of colour for an amazing pair of shades.

It’s such a sad state of affairs to keep using such an old cliché, “You get what you pay for,” but in terms of men’s designer sunglasses, this really is the case. When it comes to your eyes, it does pay to take care of them by protecting them from ultra-bright sunlight. Those UV rays do more than burn the skin, so protect your eyes from the same type of damage.

High-end sunglasses may be costlier but they are of so much better quality that there is no question about what to buy. If you are looking for hot men’s designer sunglasses, please stick to those brands you know provide the ultimate in protection as well as in style. You can always find them discounted, but don’t settle for anything less than the best.