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Essential Styles and Trends for Dudes in 2015

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Following fashion for men can sometimes be a dicey deal. Some pieces of advice like the right jacket or certain colours can be helpful in making sure you look sharp throughout the season. Other tips are more geared for the dedicated runway fashionista and might not play as well on the street as you'd like to think. To make sure you look your best without being ridiculously dressed, here are a few of the more reasonable fashion trends for guys in 2015.

Earth tones are big for both boys and girls this season and you can never really go wrong in rich, neutral colours. One thing notable about the prevalence of the tans and greens coming into vogue is how versatile they can be and how a shirt or jacket you bought for spring can easily carry over to the fall. The colour works well for both casual and formal attire, whether as a sweater, an outerwear coat or even in the guise of a casual khaki suit.

According to a list of 10 fall fashion must-haves, the relaxed suit is another big item that every man should have in his wardrobe. The idea is to have a suit that emanates an air of complete comfort and confidence while making you look like a boss. Additionally, this laid-back look opens up your options as to what's acceptable to pair with your formalwear. While we're violently opposed to the "blazer with jeans" combo, a crisp T-shirt or some nice clean high-top sneakers with a loose-fitting suit can make a bold and stylish statement. The contradiction between the two works well and says that you care enough to suit up but you also don't take yourself too seriously.

Speaking of things it's difficult to take seriously, we never thought we'd see the day but sandals are back in a big way, so this is a good year to free your feet. As excited as we are to air out our toes, wearing flip-flops in public can still be a dangerous proposition. We've been pulling some ideas from this site on the right casual attire to make sure we're not embarrassing ourselves when we go out. Sweatpants, like sandals, are also in, but it's about making sure you wear the right pair. Nobody wants to see you in your mustard-stained athletic pants and you owe it to yourself, and the world, to never make these mistakes.

Tailored sweats and streetwear are definitely a hot item for men in 2015 but there are definitely a few important caveats before you break the bank on designer outfits. Firstly, if you're past the age of 35 it is very difficult to ever look good in sweats while in public. No offense, that's just one of life's little injustices. Sure, you can wear them, but you will be judged by your peers and society at large, harshly. Unless you're on the way to the gym, keep the sweats at home.

Comfortable confidence seems to be the name of the game for dudes in 2015. After reading this you should be prepared to hit the street in style this season, or at least avoid a few fashion pitfalls on your way out the door.