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The Best Way to Wear and Style a Cowboy Hat on a Man

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One of the most well known hats in the fashion world is the cowboy hat. Cowboy hats are the most versatile of all the hats on the market, despite the fact that there are many others. In addition to males, women are also sporting cowboy hats as their own fashion statement.

Wranglers and ranchers use cowboy hats for a variety of reasons. Cowboy hats are great because they may shield you from the sun and keep you warm. In addition, they shield your skin from the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation (UV rays).

The purchase of a cowboy hat is an important step, but don't limit yourself to it. Choosing the right hat isn't enough; the manner you wear and style it is just as crucial. If you don't know how to dress a western hat, you may not get the most out of it. Here are suggestions for putting your cowboy hat together in the best possible way.

Pick the Right Hat

The cowboy ht come in a wide variety of styles and colors. As a result, finding the right one may take some time. Modern cowboy hats include the pinched front, the cattleman, the derby, and more. As a result, it's imperative that you experiment with a variety of styles and colors before narrowing your search to just a few. It is critical that the cowboy hat be properly fitted. They might irritate your scalp if you wear them.

Hats made of straw or felt are not suitable to wear on a daily basis, although straw hats are. The greatest cowboy hat for you is one that complements your attire while not overshadowing it. Consider the crystals, the suede weave, and the buckle of the caps before making your purchase.

Don't Listen to Other People's Advice.

Don't rely on the opinions of others while deciding whether or not to buy a cowboy hat. In spite of what some may tell you, cowboy hats aren't out of style at all. The manufacturer is the only thing you need to pay attention to while buying men's cowboy hats from High-quality cowboy hats let you show off your self-assurance, attitude, and toughness.

Begin with the Essentials

Avoid putting on the cowboy hats upside down. This is going to completely damage your look. Lined on the inside of the bow is common on many cowboy caps. The bow is attached to the headband by wrapping it around it. Keep the ribbon on your cowboy hats tucked behind your head, unless you want it to be much narrower in the front. High and low points of the hat may be found on each side of the front. Regardless of how amazing the cowboy hats you buy, you can detect the difference.

Keep an Eye Out for the Angles

The cowboy hat's brim is one of the most crucial features. As a result, be sure you understand what it means before reading on. The brim sets the tone for a straight-talking demeanor. When you wear a hat with the brim tipped over your eyes, you convey seriousness and mystique. Tilting your cowboy hat slightly might also help you feel more secure about your look. But if you go too far, you'll appear like a mobster.

Pick Your Clothes Wisely

If you're not from Texas, you'll want to take extra caution while selecting your cowboy attire. You'll seem ridiculous if you show off too many Western accomplishments. Pick your attire based on the cowboy hat you're wearing. Cowboy hats look well with plaids, solids, sweaters, and flannels. You can never go wrong with a simple white shirt. Don't go too western with your boot selection if you're going to wear them with your outfit.

Wear a cowboy hat with a suit if you're going to a formal occasion. This is certain to draw a lot of attention. The nice jeans won't look well with the cowboy hats, so avoid them if you intend on wearing them. Skinny-leg jeans should be avoided.

Display Some Self-Control.

One of the greatest cowboy hat style techniques is here. When wearing cowboy hats, be sure you wear just one piece of western clothing. Avoid studs, fringe, , chewing tobacco, dusters, and mullets while wearing a cowboy hat for the first time. People will have a better idea of where to begin their search.

Boldness is always better with a statement belt. But if you wear cowboy hats with them, you may find yourself in a battle for attention. Wear no buckles or rodeo belts. It's possible that not everyone will understand what they're saying. Wearing a bandana with cowboy hats is not recommended.


Because cowboy hats come in a wide variety of styles and materials, it's important to know which one is perfect for you. As far as ease of care and weight, straw hats top the list of popular cowboy hats in the West. Leather, fur felt, and wool hats are also available. Some fur felt hats manufactured from beaver, rabbit, milk buffalo, and chinchilla are more robust and waterproof than wool hats.

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