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How to Find a Good Plumber in Mississauga

Every once in a while, we all need the services of a tradesman operating in a niche we may know nothing about.We’d like to help with that. Having issues with our plumbing can be particularly annoying because you need to act fast if you don’t want your original problem to get even worse and cost even more to get fixed. But even if you get on it quickly, the situation could turn not so well. Indeed, there are plenty of dishonest people out there and a unscrupulous tradesperson could try to take advantage of your desperation to overcharge you or by botching the job. The question is this: what’s the best way to select a plumber? If you’re looking for a plumber mississauga, here is what you should do to make sure you’re getting in touch with an actual professional.


“License and Certification, Please”

Each and every time you’re dealing with a plumber (or any serious tradesperson, for that matter), you should feel free to demand that they show you their license, registration, permit, or any other type of paperwork or identification they’re supposed to carry on them. Plumbing is a serious profession and it’s priced accordingly, so don’t hesitate to get some proof that you’re dealing with an actual professional that received a real training, and is properly certified. Oh, and don’t think for a second that such a request will offend a real plumber: he will see no problem with displaying his credentials so that his clients are aware that he has all the necessary paperwork.


The 3 P: Presentation, Professionalism and Politeness

Even if judging someone - especially a professional - on his appearance is usually deemed socially unacceptable, we encourage you to take a good look at the way the plumber showing up at your place presents himself: a serious plumber should wear a traditional blue collar type of clothes and carry his tools in a real toolbox. Punctuality is another mark of professionals. If there is no demonstrable, extraordinary circumstances to explain showing up late, send your irreverent plumber on his way back if he shows up more than twenty minutes late.


Don’t Joke With the Quote

Let’s face it: tradesmen in general and plumbers in particular are pricey (and they should, don’t get us wrong here) and we all work hard for our money. Therefore, to avoid any misunderstanding or hard feeling, you should insist on an accurate quote before letting any work happen. While it may seem a bit severe to ask for an exact number, a decent plumber should have no problem to provide you with a good estimate of the costs. Why? Because the price is not a mystery or a number that your plumber pulls out of thin air. It a function on the parts that need to be swapped and the number of hours required to do the job, two pieces of information that aren’t hard to evaluate. If your plumber can’t answer this basic question, find someone who will.


The Insurance and Other Details

The problems that warrant a plumber's intervention are usually so frustrating that people have a tendency to bypass a few of the absolute most fundamental steps we undergo for the majority of our dealings with tradespeople. Let’s start with this: whenever you call a plumber or a plumbing company, don't hesitate to inquire about whether or not they do background checks. Although there isn't any reason to believe that more dishonest individuals are attracted by pipes, you also shouldn’t allow the pendulum to swing entirely the different way and let anybody into your house without asking any question. Who’s going to pay if this or that happen or break? You need to have this information before the plumber gets started, or you’ll risk finding yourself in a world of troubles that could have been avoided with a few questions asked.


No one likes to have a stranger at his or her house playing with some of the most potentially damaging fixtures in your place, and even less to know they need that person. But it’s not because you need a service that you should accept anything. Use your head and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you feel like something’s up.