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Have You Got Home Owner's Block?

The majority of us don’t even think twice about our drains. We’re more concerned with the things we can see, like our striking wallpaper and perfect floor tiles. Even when we do attend to invisible problems, we consider things like damp proofing or new windows. With all this going on, who in their right minds has time to worry about drains?

You should if you want to avoid serious problems. Blocked drains can leak, stink, and even lead to plumbing problems. Not to mention that these are by no means easy problems to solve. Even before being able to fix the issue, professionals would need to conduct a plumbers CCTV drain camera report to conclude where your blockage is. If you’re already noticing a smell when you flush the toilet, then, it’s essential you take action to sort this sooner rather than later.

The good news is that, when caught early, some simple changes should be enough to prevent further issues. And, we’re going to look at some of them here.

Cover up

Many drain blockages are a result of things falling down your plug hole. That’s why you should invest in drain covers. These are essential if you wash dishes in the kitchen sink, but can also prevent hair blockages from the bathroom. These prevent unwanted items from going straight down your sink. That’s essential given that food debris and other such items can wreak havoc with your system if they build up. With a sink cover in place, you’ll be able to collect all those nasties and put them straight into your bin instead.

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Think twice before you flush away

Along the same vein, it’s essential that you think twice before flushing anything down the toilet. As soon as you flush the wrong thing, it’ll head right to your plumbing system. If you flush foolish items, you’re practically begging for problems. As a general rule, waste and toilet paper are the only things which belong in your toilet bowl. Be careful not to flush anything like baby wipes, as most of these don’t break down. Even if you buy flushable options, check the packet to see whether they’ll cause problems. If they don’t break down, don’t buy them.

Give up the grease

Another significant issue is that of homeowners pouring grease down their sinks. Fat coats your pipes as it solidifies and can cause all manner of issues down the line. Not to mention that getting rid of oil this way can harm any chance you have at an eco-friendly home. That’s because much of the oil pollution we see in our oceans comes from household waste just like this. Instead, always take the time to wait until the oil has cooled, then place it into your bin rather than pouring it away. The planet and your plumbing will thank you.

Keep on top of each of these, and you could find that smell clears in no time. You should certainly never fall foul to plumbing blockages again.