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Does Your Garage Door Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

It’s an unfortunate fact that garage doors don’t last forever (although we all wish that they would, of course!). It’s also an unfortunate fact that many garage doors aren’t repaired or replaced when they really should be, leading to some unnecessary damage to the moving parts or the door itself. Thankfully, there are a few tell-tale signs to indicate when your garage door needs a bit of attention, whether it be a little bit of tender love and care or a complete overhaul. In this article, we take a look at a few signs that your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced so that you can recognise any issues before they become a problem.

Where to start when looking for issues

Whether you have commercial roller doors in place or residential garage doors, many of the issues that roller doors suffer from are much the same. First, you should be keeping an eye out for any dents in your garage door that might have occurred over the years. Although dents are often unavoidable, particularly if the roller doors are quite old, they can often have a detrimental effect that can get worse over time. This is most true of larger dents, which can eventually create issues that can affect the structural integrity of your door. These issues, alongside weakness of the door, can lead to considerable security issues that can be exploited by thieves and vandals (which leads into further degradation of the roller door). Rust is also an issue with dents, even though it might not be obvious at first, keep an eye out for rust as it develops so that you can replace the door before it becomes a problem. Similarly, watching to see if your door sags or bends can also be indicative of a similar problem, particularly if the door is wooden. If this is the case, it is also common for temperatures to fluctuate, which could cause issues for products that might sit in a warehouse environment.

More issues to keep an eye out for

If the roller door starts to open much more slowly than it used to, it might be an indication that the motor needs replacing. Although you might feel that putting up with a slower door might be alright to save a few bucks on repairs, a door opening more slowly might actually indicate a larger issue that needs to be remedied, so if this is the case, calling someone in might be a good idea. Another obvious sign of an issue is when your roller door makes rattling or similarly unusual noises. These can be quite hard to place, and you might either need to do some very minor repairs or spruik for a new door entirely. A rattling sound might be normal if its related to basic movements of an opening door, but noises that sound like the door mechanisms struggling will usually indicate a much deeper issue. Even if there isn’t an obvious issue with the door that can be spotted, feeling that the garage is cooler than normal can indicate that wind is getting through where it shouldn’t, so operating by feel can also be valuable.

Calling in the professionals

There are quite a few ways that a garage roller door can suffer issues, which can make diagnosis o the core problem difficult. If you’re not confident in assessing these issues yourself, calling in a professional as soon as possible will likely help you save a lot of money in the long-run, so don’t think twice when you think something is up!