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6 Symptoms Of A Collapsed Drain

Drainage problems can be extremely inconvenient and frustrating to deal with. In addition to causing obstructions and overflows in the sewage system, it can also pose a health threat. That is why being aware of the warning indications of a collapsed drain is critical.

What are some of the causes of a collapsed drain?

When a drain collapses, the most common cause is a recurrence of blockages in the pipes, which causes water to spill over into the ground. An overburdened drainage system is the outcome of flooding, which causes it to collapse.

Detecting a collapsed drain is one of the most challenging components of dealing with one. If you see any of the following symptoms, you'll need to call a plumber fast.

Symptoms of a collapsed drain: what to watch out for

Damp on the walls or floors: when a drain collapses, waste water cannot properly exit the property, and this results in damp floors and walls. If you see spots of moisture and mould on the walls, along with any of the other signs we have listed below, it may mean that there is a collapsed drain somewhere.

Subsidence in the yard: The ground may sink or recede if a drain collapses in on itself. It is an obvious sign that your drain needs urgent attention, and is down to water leaking out of the pipe and into the surrounding space.

Awful odours: Believe us when we say that this is one indicator that you are certain not to miss. If you start experiencing foul smells in the yard or in your house, this could be because of a collapsed drain. The waste water would be leaking out - and you will certainly know about it!

Slow running drains: If your drains are running much more slowly than normal, you may have a blocked drain. One thing to bear in mind is that blockages build up over time and by the time you have noticed, it may have already collapsed.

Rats and rodents: A collapsed drain is a prime position for a family of rodents to set up home. They thrive in a sewer system, and once they find a way into your home drainage system, they more than likely won't leave without a fight.

Fast growing lawn/dark green patches: One thing that waste water is good for is grass. It is packed with nutrients that will help your lawn to grow quickly and healthily. So, while you might be suddenly blessed with some healthy patches of grass, it could indicate that there is something a little more sinister going on underneath, and needs checking out.

A collapsed drain poses a threat to health and may be prohibitively expensive to repair. You can't always avoid it, especially if your property is part of an old sewer system. What is important, however, is to recognise the symptoms of a collapsed drain so that you can call the professionals and get it sorted before it gets worse.

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