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Dealing with Online Abuse

Unfortunately, online abuse is becoming more and more common, and as anyone can hide behind a screen, online abuse can happen so easily. Online abuse can cause people to not want to check their mobile phones and can cause serious mental health issues. There are many forms of online abuse, here we look at some of the most common ones and what you can do if you are suffering from online abuse, either personally or through your business.

The Different Forms of Online Abuse

If you are getting messages or any form of abuse online that is racist, sexist, homophobic or in any other way offensive then this is classed as online abuse. Cyberstalking is one form of online abuse that is often ignored. If you are being constantly bombarded with messages on different platforms from the same person on multiple accounts, this is still very much reportable. Trolling is another well-known form of online abuse and is often seen when people make fake profiles and write nasty messages on social media, this may even be people you don’t know. Impersonation often happens on social media sites too and is seen many times in the famous U.S. TV show Catfish. Revenge porn is another form of online abuse where people share nude images or videos over the internet without the user’s permission.

What to Do Next

No form of online abuse is okay and if you have been affected by this there are several steps you should take. Firstly, you should document everything that you can regarding the online abuse. Don’t worry though, when something is deleted, it isn’t really gone, and experts will be able to see comments and messages if needed. Report any online abuse to the social media site and you may also want to talk to the police depending on the severity of the situation. Never simply ignore it and log off but also don’t bite back as this could make things worse, especially if you want to pursue a case later.

Seeking Professional Help

If online abuse has severely affected you, it may be worth speaking to a counsellor. Many people don’t understand the toll it can take on your mental health when being abused online but it isn’t as simple as putting away your mobile phone. If there is content online that is about you or your business that you want removing, there are experts that can help. Revenge porn, comments, and bad reviews can all affect your online reputation and can be hurtful. Removify is a specialist in removing bad content from websites to give you peace of mind. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak to the police too though, especially if you have been a victim of severe online abuse or revenge porn, as this is against the law.

Nobody should suffer from online abuse alone. Ensure you speak up and report those who are dealing online abuse. As technology is such a big part of our lives it is, unfortunately, inevitable that we come across some form of online abuse in our lives. Knowing how to deal with this ensures it doesn’t get out of hand.