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Do Wipes Block Drains?

We all use wet wipes almost every day, without giving much thought to whether they are causing any harm to the environment. But utilities in Sydney as well as across other cities and states in Australia are finding it a monumental task to tackle the flushable wipe blockages issue.

Most of us believe that wet wipes or flushable wipes are well, flushable. So, we don't give a second thought it when we flush them down the toilet after use. But the truth is that these wipes do tend to get lodged within the drainpipes and ultimately cause severely blocked drains around Sydney.

If you flush any wet wipes, makeup wipes, or other types of cleaning wipes you’re significantly increasing the chances of a massive blockage on your property. These clogs are incredibly stubborn and not very easy to clear, which also makes the blocked drain Sydney service, heavier on your pocket.

Professional Blocked Drain Services in Sydney

We at Hero Plumbing are here to help with any drain blockages that you may be facing. However, we also consider it our responsibility to keep our customers informed about the different things that can cause drain blockages and how to avoid them. Here, we will take a closer look at how wet wipes block drains, what the broader impact of it is as well and how you can do your bit to avoid it.

Some Alarming Facts

  • *  75% of drain blockages in Sydney are caused by wet wipes

  • *  500 tonnes of wet wipes are dredged out of Sydney’s drains annually

  • *  Wet wipes don't just put your drains at risk. Disposing of these in drains has far more wide-reaching repercussions. The so-called flushable wipes that we discard into the toilet ultimately end up clogging and clogging the public sewerage system.

  • *  When anti-bacterial wipes enter the waterways and eliminate native bacteria in the system, it affects the entire food chain.

  • *  When blockages due to wet wipes occur, they can quickly transform into a more damaging situation. The raw sewage gets forcefully diverted through the waterways and backs up into the natural waterways and home sewers, which is not only unhygienic and unsightly but extremely unsafe too.

Affordable Drain Maintenance Services Sydney

These are just some of the things that go to show how damaging and detrimental discarding flushable wipes are. The best and most straightforward way to avoid these problems is to limit your use of wet wipes and always discard them in a bin. This will prevent them from getting into the drainage system and resulting in significant blockages. Keeping your drains free from obstructions is also about getting them maintained with regularity. We offer affordable and reliable Plumbing Sydney maintenance solutions that also include drain maintenance.

For any more information about our drain maintenance and repairs in Sydney, feel free to call Hero Plumbing at 1300 437 688. You can also request a free quote through this form. We have different specials at different times, find the latest discounts and offers on this page.

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