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What you need to know about moving from Melbourne to Brisbane

Are you soon moving to Brisbane?

This move can be related to your family, work, retirement, or any reason. But one thing's sure you may be interested in knowing what this new place has to offer you.

We agree the place may be smaller in population and size when compared with Melbourne and Sydney but it has many other interesting things that won’t let you miss the big cities.

The easy-going people here will help you in exploring Brisbane but before that, it’s good to read as much as you can to gather the local knowledge.

If you are all caught up in packing for this huge house move rather than enjoying the new chapter of your life, we recommend you to start looking for Melbourne to Brisbane Removalists that offers a great deal.

More importantly, if you are low on budget, it is always good to start your planning early as you don’t want to get caught up in paying the last-minute bills.

Many people usually neglect this major task and take other ones on priority while some get so anxious that they end up making mistakes.

So for better move get the moving work done the right way to enjoy the beautiful and sunny Brisbane.

1.  Get Quotations


We can’t focus enough on this point. Try to get quotes from at least three companies to see what budget you need to set for hiring a Melbourne to Brisbane Removalist.

While consulting with the professional, try to discuss every minute detail on the move to get a clear picture. If you have a friend or family member who has recently moved interested, ask them about the professionals they hire, how was their experience with them, and will they recommend their services.

These people may offer you some tips and you can also learn from the mistakes they made in their move.

2. Protect your Belongings

The foremost reason for you to hire an interstate removalist would be to get your items delivered safely.

Ask the company if they can provide you with insurance or arrange insurance cover from reputed companies to protect your belongings during the transit to Brisbane.

3. Arrange Transportation

You don’t want to miss out on organizing transportation for yourself and your family, including your furry friends.

Figuring out how you will cover the distance is an important aspect of an interstate move. We recommend you consider plane travel.

So, for a better deal, you may want to book the tickets sooner. But plane travel is not an absolute necessity, you can move with other options if you find them convenient.

4. Ask for Temporary Storage

There are chances that you may need to store your items in secure storage for a temporary time.

With an interstate move, you need to prepare yourself for every worst situation as if the place is not ready as scheduled so you may need temporary accommodation.

In such scenarios, you may need temporary storage while you are figuring out how to make the move work.

This is one such situation we are talking about here, you can face any other situations as well.

So it’s always better to go with options rather than suffering later.

5. Check Your Utilities

You should always connect your essential services and utilities before making a move to the new place.

You should check for water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc. this way you won’t have to face delays as discussed above and more importantly with any unexpected cost.

These processes are something that takes time so better to start activating them in advance to have a seamless transition.

6. Start Planning

Do not finalize things without having a plan. Yes, you should have a plan chart-out and every other thing should work around that.

For better planning, you need to perform research, ask family members, and discuss it with your removalists to see what is feasible.

Here is a house moving checklist that you need to keep in mind while creating a plan:

  • When do you want to move

  • What you will be moving

  • What equipments will be required

  • List all your items to keep a track

  • Check if you want packing services or will go the DIY way

7. Document every item while packing

This becomes even important when you're conducting an interstate move. This is highly recommended when you have a lot of items to move.

This list will keep a check on every item you move. Not just that, it helps you with your unpacking process as you won’t be spending unnecessary items looking for a particular item.

Such small details can slow your moving process, and we bet you want to getaways with it as soon as you can.

To have your unpacking done in an efficient and organized way, you can ask the interstate removalist company for this additional service.

Their trained staff can avoid the hassle and get you on track sooner.

8. Start Packing in Advance

One common mistake we have seen people doing is underestimating the packing time.

After you have fixed the dates with your removalists to move, start spending time packing your items.

You don’t want to pack things in the rush as it may get damaged or you will have a tough time locating them.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid the hassle from the packing process:

  • Remember to label your box with the items you have placed

  • If there are cupboards that have certain items, make sure to pack them in that manner rather than mixing them up.

  • Try to place similar items in one box

  • Careful wrapping is required to avoid any damage

  • Do not try to fit in extra items in a single box or crate as it can damage the items

  • Securely tape your boxes to prevent fall out of objects

9. Take Additional Services

If you have items like a fridge, piano, big painting, billiards, chandelier, you may need specialist services. The removalist has special tools that can help you move correctly and dismantle your items. You can also take their help for a cleaning service to get your property ready.

10. Cost

Average cost: your average cost may be between $3,000 to $6,000 if you are moving from Melbourne to Brisbane. The price range depends on how you are traveling. The cost gets impacted when the volume of your item is heavy and if you need special equipment.

Additional Cost: You may have to pay for additional services usually when you haven’t planned your move for heavy items, correct equipment, and the right vehicle.

How to stay on budget? 
  • Itemize all your belongings beforehand

  • Stay honest to your removalist so they come up with the right amount of staff and resources

  • Pack everything on time to end up last time charges

  • Make sure to supervise the moe to stay on track with the move

  • Keep a check to see if every item arrives on time

Finally, you don’t have to daunt by the prospect of an interstate move. Just get in touch with a reputed professional company and be clear about your requirement.

With the right resources, reliable vehicle, and trained staff that have years of experience, you can have a seamless move and focus on other things that matter.