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How To Keep Birds Away From Your Outdoor Eating Areas

There are many benefits of having a cafe or restaurant with an outdoor eating area. For one, it creates a more inviting atmosphere where your customers can feel relaxed and more comfortable, especially when the weather is nice and the sun is out. Also, it creates extra space, allowing you to accommodate more people. Finally, having an outdoor eating area can add to your establishment’s whole look. It is trendy and it attracts more people to dine in.

However, an outdoor eating area has its downsides too and the biggest one is that it’s prone to pests such as birds. See, birds tend to flock outdoor eating areas and they have the habit of dining with your customers. While this may seem harmless at first, this can lead to many problems later on for you, your staff, and your customers. Thus, you must keep them away as soon as possible. How can you do that and when should you call for commercial bird removal services? Find out below.

5 Ways to Keep Birds Away from Outdoor Eating Areas

1. Keep the area clean

The main reason why birds are attracted to outdoor eating areas is because of the pieces of food that gets left behind. Thus, to prevent them from swooping in and devouring the leftovers, you need to act fast and immediately clean the area once your customers leave. Clean any spills and wipe your tables after use. You should also keep the ground free from crumbs and trash.

2. Clear sources of water

Other than the food, birds are also attracted to sources of water. Thus, if you have a fountain in your outdoor eating area or other water feature, consider substituting the freshwater with saltwater. This way, the birds won’t be able to drink it. Also, as soon as birds smell the salt in the water, they will fly away to search for another source of fresh water.

3. Bird spikes

Spikes are the most common and often used tactic in keeping birds away from an area. Part of this is because they are easy to use and install. You can simply put spikes around your outdoor eating area, preventing birds from landing.

4. Netting

Bird netting has also been a popular and effective way to keep bird pests from homes and establishments. If you are planning to use this for your outdoor eating area, you have to accurately measure the total square footage you want to be covered and purchase the proper weight of bird netting that’s appropriate to the types of birds you want to keep away.

However, while bird netting is effective, it can also be expensive. Not to mention that it can be hard to install as well. It may also affect the overall aesthetics of your restaurant or cafe.

5. Scaring them away

You can also just scare birds away by buying fake predators and strategically placing them around. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to deter birds from your outdoor eating area. Just make sure that the fake predators you purchase do scare the birds you want to keep away.

For instance, when there are crows, seagulls, pigeons, or sparrows in your area, consider buying an owl decoy. For pigeons and songbirds, a falcon decoy can work. And for other small birds, a raven decoy is more ideal.

Take note, however, that once birds realize that the decoys are fake and not moving, they won't be afraid anymore and they are highly to come back.

When to Call for Professionals?

When nothing you do seems to work, it’s time to consider calling in for commercial bird removal services. Hiring professionals is the surest way to keep birds away from your outdoor eating area. This is because they have the equipment, knowledge, and skills to help you deal with your issues in the best possible way.

If you need a licensed and certified pest control technician in Sydney, check out Service Now Trades. We offer custom solutions to effectively and efficiently get rid of birds and prevent them from coming back to your outdoor eating area. Call us today at 02-8511-0351 to learn more.