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The bitter reality:

What will you do if someone close to you causes you harm? Getting angry and being distant seems like an appropriate reaction in such a situation. The question is, how will you react if you found out your own body can destroy you too? Betrayed, right? If you have no idea about what autoimmune disorders are, fret no more. We are here to educate you.

The actual role:

The human body cannot function without an immune system. The central unit that drives the immune system is the white blood cells; they offer protection against several micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. In rare cases, the immune system starts to attack the body's cells and tissues because it fails to recognize them. Such a condition is an autoimmune disorder; rheumatoid arthritis is a commonly known autoimmune disorder that affects the joints.

What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that mainly targets the joints' lining and results in severe pain or swelling. In extreme cases, the movement of a person is limited to almost zero. So far, no cure is available for the disease, but there are several ways by which one can cope up with this disease. It is important to preserve energy and minimize movement, which is possible by making small lifestyle changes such as hiring house help for assistance in everyday chores or signing yourself up for a 90-day Meds program at a reliable online pharmacy to avoid standing in long lines at the pharmacy. It's the small changes along with medicines that provide ease in the complications of this disease.

How do you know you have rheumatoid arthritis?

The onset of the disease includes stiffness and pain in the joints that escalate over time. As the diseases progress, a person may notice limping action while walking, tenderness of the joints, fatigue, and movement loss. All of these indicate the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, it is appropriate to reach out to a doctor as soon as you notice any of these signs. If your family has a history of rheumatoid arthritis, it is crucial to get yourself checked every year.

How to manage the disease?

Lifestyle changes are essential, but medicines are a necessity. Even though the cure for rheumatoid arthritis is not found yet, numerous medicines help manage the disease. The most commonly used medicines are the DMARDS- Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs; they repress the immune system to minimize the effect caused by it. In easy words, they are immuno-suppressant agents.


The human body works in mysterious ways; an immune system is supposed to protect you from the invasion of foreign bodies. What happens if the immune system shuts off? The body is prone to all sorts of disease as the primary defense system is out of the picture. Similarly, sometimes the immune system that is supposed to protect you starts to destroy you. Autoimmune disorders are inevitable, and there is no cure available except for the immune-suppressant agent's administration.

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