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Barbie time: how to clean your bbq in time for summer

There’s nothing better than the arrival of warm weather: the sun is shining, the vibe is pleasant and it’s time to get your mates around for a good old barbie. Pick up some quality food and beverage, fire up the BBQ and get your loved ones around for a good time in the sun.

But before you do, you have to ensure your barbie is nice and clean! Things like giving the plate a good scrub and buying the best BBQ covers for sale are awesome ways to clean your barbie and keep it clean for your next summer shindig.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to clean your BBQ in time for summer fun.

Aluminium foil

Spray vinegar onto your hot grill plate and wait until you can bear its powerful smell. Once you can, make a ball of aluminium foil and rub that over the grill plate.

Au naturel

Mix one tablespoon or vinegar, one tablespoon or baking soda and some hot water. Soak your grill for a good hour with this solution before cleaning it as you normally would.

Coffee beats grime

This is a bit random, but coffee is one of the best ways to clean your grill plate and barbie utensils. All you have to do is brew up some coffee (it doesn’t have to be top class!) and pour it into your sink. Soak your utensils and grill plate for a good hour or so before scrubbing the plate and hosing it down with hot water. This is a quickfire way to remove unwanted grime from your plate and utensils.

Onions also do the trick!

Onions are another awesome way to scrub off unwanted residue from the last barbie season. Heat up the barbie and go over the plate and grills with a halved onion - this should help loosen up those unwanted particles that get in the way of making a good feed.

Extra tips for a clean barbie situation

Sterilise your chopping board

You don’t want to keep cooking with the same dirty chopping board: this allows bacteria to build up and can be dangerous to cook on. Rub lemon and salt on the dirty areas and give it a good wipe off to remove all the unwanted bacteria!

Get the smoke out of your clothes

If you host a regular summer barbie you will probably be well aware of the way it can make your clothes smell. Leave a vinegar-soaked sponge in the affected areas as this can help absorb some of those smokey smells that can be really unpleasant later on.

Removing rust

Go over your barbie with a bit of olive oil to stop it from building up rust after you have used it.

Steam your barbie

Fill up a barbie-proof container with boiling water and place this in the heated, closed BBQ. The steam created from the boiling water helps loosen grime and debris, making it far easier to clean.

The ol’ spatula scrape down

Get out a strong spatula (best not to use a shabby plastic one) and scrape down your hot BBQ to remove unwanted grime. It’s much easier to do this job when it’s hot, but make sure you do it right after you cook so that remaining food particles don’t hang around post cook-up.

The classic soap clean

Soap is always a safe bet for cleaning a BBQ. All you have to do is soak your barbie in hot, soapy water for a good while. Give it a good scrub down and voila - you should have a nicely cleaned garden BBQ the old fashioned way.

Wash down the barbie before use

Because no one wants their food to taste like cleaning soap or vinegar! Be sure to wash down the barbie before using it so as to remove any lingering cleaning product aromas.

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