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CBD Oil Facts You Should Know Before Buying

The presentation phase of CBD into the market it’s long gone. CBD or Cannabidiol is now present everywhere in many forms and brands. There is no doubt left about its therapeutic potential and naturality. People are now convinced that CBD can only do good if you take it properly every day. And CBD does well not just to people, but also animals and especially our pets. You are well aware that people are using it more and more for their dogs and cats. This is because CBD helps animals in pretty much the same way it helps humans. Both groups have similar endocannabinoid systems that manage the majority of functions within the body.

CBD is helping against most health issues directly or indirectly and this is the main factor behind its growth. It is part of all industries and is present as an ingredient in many products. All markets are rich in CBD-containing products of all forms including CBD oils, creams, etc. People were using the cannabis plant ingredients before but lately, it is all being regulated. Many countries are taking this very seriously and almost all of them consider CBD legal because it is safe to use. Many others are working on special laws similar to the US and Europe. This kind of spreading is making CBD products very normal products to buy anywhere without a prescription.

You are well aware of CBD’s rise because you see and talk to all the people using it. We are sure the feedback is in most cases very positive and some feedback could be kinda neutral, but there is little chance that someone got worse taking CBD oil for instance. There is a 0% chance of negative side effects if you take CBD oil properly, respecting the daily dosage. Anyways, below we are going to explain more about CBD, where it comes from, safety, legality, dosage, etc. We recommend you can consider all the facts below before buying CBD oil.

What do we need to know about CBD before buying it?

CBD or Cannabidiol is just one of the hundreds of cannabinoids present on cannabis plants such as hemp. Together with THC is the most active cannabinoid of Marijuana also. But here is where it becomes interesting. When you fully understand the differences between CBD and THC, you find it easy to spot the difference between Marijuana and Hemp. Knowing that THC is the ingredient of cannabis plants responsible for psychoactiveness is crucial. THC is psychoactive and in other words, it causes addiction and gets users “high”. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive, thus cannot cause negative side effects such as addiction. This means that pure CBD can only do good, while THC is not safe to use, thus illegal.

Now that we know the difference between THC and CBD, let’s find out about Hemp and Marijuana. Marijuana is not safe because contains too much THC, around 20% and just around 10% CBD. That is why Marijuana is illegal in most countries and still considered not safe to use. Hemp can be legal because can contain more than 20% CBD which makes it the perfect plant to obtain CBD from and in addition to that it can contain less than 1% THC. Again, this is a good characteristic of Hemp because this means that it is safe to use and legal. Most US countries consider only less than 0.3% THC-containing products as safe to use. This means that Hemp oil or CBD oil with < 0.3% THC is legal and can be bought without any kind of restrictions.

Other countries such as Switzerland allow up to 1% THC and we are taking this European country as an example because it is leading in the CBD products industry. Swiss quality CBD oil is the best oil in the market.

Other tips before buying CBD oil

Above we gave a lot of information regarding CBD itself, safety, and legality. We also explained the differences with THC, but you need other tips before buying CBD products. Keep in mind that there are a lot of products out there and it is not easy to choose the best one for you. CBD oil works differently on all of us, so you can’t just use the same product and dosage as any of your friends. It depends on your overall health, age, weight, and the issues you want to fight with. Before buying anything, we recommend you talk to your doctor if you are using other medications to avoid any side effects. You can also decide together with your doctor on a starting dosage of CBD. Keep track of daily dosage and check for results after 2 weeks. Increase the dosage slowly until you find the one that suits your condition.

In conclusion, all we can say is that CBD oil has tremendous therapeutic potential. If you take it seriously, you can benefit from it in many ways. It will help you relax, fight stress, and improve your mood.

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