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Four Stay In Touch Strategies To Connect With Customers

You know the old saying ‘people buy from people’ and that is even more true in these days of digital communications - success in business is still based on creating and maintaining relationships. However, if you run a start-up company, resources can mean that customer contact is sporadic at best. Only getting in contact to announce a sale may give your website stats a temporary hike, but what it won't do is create advocates who connect with your brand outside of price-driven promotions. Little and often should be the mantra when it comes to speaking to your customers. Read on for some easy ways to keep those communication channels open…

Host An Event

Events both online and offline are a great way of reconnecting with existing customers and meeting new ones. You can either use an existing occasion to tie your event to, or a self-directed one such as the launch of a new product or service. It's always hugely enriching to get to meet customers face-to-face, and can be an invaluable source of feedback that can help to shape the direction of your business. As well as reconnecting, add value by providing useful information and skills, and remember to plenty of content gathering for social media channels during the event itself. Add the personal touch and you could get everyone talking about you.

Find A Story To Tell

Everyone is searching for authenticity with the brands they buy in to, and the way to leverage that is by finding the unique voice of your company. Whether it's talking about your vision and values and what drives your business to giving hand hints, insider information, connecting like-minded people, giving a behind-the-scenes peek or showcasing a customer story, finding the human interest angle on what you do is what will turn your customer base into advocated and allow you to move away from price and promotion driven marketing towards something more strategic.

Reward Good Referrals

Use the power of your customers to generate even more business, and give something back at the same time by incentivising referrals. From a percentage off their bill to freebies, loyalty rewards have the power to subtly influence customers or clients who already have a positive opinion about you to spread the word to their connections. This can be a very personalised and cost-effective way to grow your business. Make sure you promote your loyalty scheme with a strong marketing campaign where you craft email newsletters, send sms online and use your social media channels to promote the benefits of recommending you.

Mark Special Occasions

Special occasions are the milestones which break up the year, so use them to ensure your customers are getting some personal attention from you. A decent CRM system is a must for being able to send your customer a special birthday discount, or something which keeps in touch without explicitly trying to drive a sale. This type of marketing is long-game, allowing your business to stay at the front of your customer's mind the next time they need your services.