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Summer Landscaping: Useful Tips You Need to Know

With the summer season, great Australian barbies and poolside parties mean major use of the backyard!

But, that also means that you will be dealing with the tricky and sweaty task of maintaining your landscaping in great shape amidst the really hot Australian summer! For more information, visit us at commercial lawn maintenance Perth

Although summer landscaping can be quite challenging, here are several tips to try when attempting to tame your backyard jungle this hot season!

Don’t Settle With Browns

In this season, residential and commercial lawn maintenance Perth experts would take care of the browns.

In terms of landscaping, colour is the king. Meaning, your backyard shouldn’t settle with the greens and more browns (due to the drought and all) and insert a splash of colour that will cause passer-by to stop and look in awe.

Take inspiration from the warm temperature and add colour in the form of perennials or annuals, especially the drought-tolerant ones.

Decorate Some More

Make your landscape even more attractive by lining beautiful walkways with colourful vegetation. For homeowners and property manager tree maintenance means removing all those climbing flowers, but don’t remove all!

Those creeping vines make a subtle décor and serve as an automatic attention-getters with the right trimmings.

Add an elevated garden bed. After doing strata tree maintenance, hang window boxes or charming pots on it.

Give Your Trees A Cut

For most homeowners and property manager tree removal service seems like a great idea to increase space.

However, in this warm season, you could use a little shade where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the cool breeze! Plus, trees of any size are a beautiful classic texture and accent to any landscape.

Still, if you think that your backyard tree is invading your neighbour’s space or taking too much space, a few cuts and trims would be enough.

A Mowing Schedule

You probably know this, but your lawnmower is the most important ally in your landscaping project.

When mowing your lush green carpet, follow a schedule, ranging from several times to once a week, depending on the desired height, and growth rate of your grass.

Still, during summer, commercial lawn maintenance Perth experts recommend cutting grass on the highest setting possible. This helps prevent the onset of a spotted and brown lawn. Grass needs to stay at a certain height in order to fight drought and allows them to thrive.

No To Midday Watering

You probably think that giving your lawn the much-needed water when the clock strikes 12 noon is a great idea.

Actually, no.

Watering during the hottest part of the day is useless.

Due to the extremely hot weather, the water you sprinkled will evaporate quickly before it even reaches the roots. In addition, there are some plants that go dormant during the hottest time of the day.

So, what’s the best time to do your daily lawn watering?

Early in the morning when temperatures. This way your plants can hydrate properly.

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