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How To Select The Best Custom Metal Fabrication

If someone wants to make something different or unique-maybe a piece or many small metal parts can be termed as custom metal fabrication. It also includes large scale productions or production of 100-2500 Parts at a time. This fabrication is known for making people's life easy. It includes building metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes. Turnweld Engineering Company strives to manufacture such good quality products that have a highest level of tolerance. Their goal is to produce quality products with good finish. They place emphasis on increasing their work efficiency, and improving methods to their employee’s training. (CSI)  customer satisfaction index is their priority.

Methods Of Custom Metal Fabrication:-

Metals play an important role in every household and working place. It offers a large variety of products like tools for furniture, light fixing, appliances and utensils. Metal works as an stabilizing element that makes today's life possible. Custom metal fabrications are skilled masters. Their process comprises cutting, drilling, folding and welding.

Cutting:- This process involves cutting metal sheets into halves, thirds and even smaller sections. Many times, a metal is cut, even before it has been shaped. And other applications include cutting of bars or panels which are pear-shaped. The Custom Metal Engineers use various machineries like lasers and plasma torches to high tech machinery tools.

Folding:- This is the most complicated process because a metal surface is to be folded at an angle of 90 degrees. Due to the complexity of the whole process, folding can only be performed with high tech equipment and specific facilities. This process is the best option when you need to join two metal panels at selected angles.

Welding:- Among craft enthusiasts, welding is the most popular process of metal fabrication. This process involves joining two metal parts. These parts could be shapes bars, sheets or panels made out of metal. Welding could be done through various methods (a)  applications of heat along the endpoint of two metal pieces to be joined. (b) keeping welding projects in mind pursuing the area of metal fabrication.

Machining:- The process of removing portions from a piece of metal, using a machine is termed as machining. This process is performed on lathe machines to trim corners and edges for a desired measurement and shape, rotating the metal against tools. The best example of the machining tool is a metal drill.

Punching:- This process has two categories —
a.     punching hole into a metal Panel for fastening foreign parts or latches.
b.     blanking, where the area with the hole is taken out from the big panel to make a  smaller part.

Shearing:- This method is used for long cuts and trimming down the edge of the  metal sheets. The metal cutting machines are used to cut metal sheets vertically and horizontally and a third method is by placing metal edges on an open cutter blade.

Stamping:- This process is similar to marble or wood carving. It is used to form letters, images or certain shapes within a metal sheet.

Casting:- A method where a molten metal is put into mold and left to solidify and form a certain shape. This is one of the most flexible methods of metal fabrication. The metal commonly used in the application are gold, copper, iron, steel and magnesium.