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Full Face Snorkel Benefits

Get ready to throw away your old snorkel set, the new full face snorkel mask is taking over the world, one beach at a time! Unlike a traditional snorkel face mask, the new full face snorkel gives you a full 180-degree view and keeps your entire face protected from the water. This enables you to breathe more comfortably and normally then you would with an old, sandy snorkel! anther benefit is you don't get jaw fatigue from bitting down on the mouthpiece while you are exploring the underwater world. Now full face snorkels may look a little awkward at first glance, but as you will quickly find these new snorkels have many advantages! Let's dive into them and see how they compare to the traditional snorkel.

2 in 1 Product
Normal traditional snorkels come in two separate pieces, but with a full face snorkel mask, you get everything you need all in one piece. This not only means you save money but you never have to worry about losing your breathing piece or if you have a matching set.

180 View
When you snorkel with the old style you are restricting your vision and overall the amazing sights you should be taking in of the underwater world! With a full face snorkel mask, you are getting a full 180 view thanks to the special-shaped lense of the mask. Your vision will no longer be limited in your full face snorkel and be able to experience the wonders of the ocean.

Breathe Through Your Mouse and Nose
Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the new full face snorkel mask's is just how easy it is to breathe in a natural pattern. Since a full face snorkel covers your entire face there is no need to breathe jut through a tube apparatus like in traditional snorkel sets. This makes first-time users and children feel incredibly safe and comfortable when exploring the ocean, just another benefit from the new full face snorkel mask's.

Many new full-face snorkels also come with a water filter in the breathing tube, meaning air can enter but not water. This is known as a dry snorkel piece and is ideal for when you want to dive below the water to view coral and other aquatic life

Anti-Fog Technology
Due to the constant airflow coming in and out of the full face mask the leans will not Fogg up like traditional snorkels. This means you can enjoy hours of snorkelling without having to constantly whip and defog your mask!

Never Have to Empty Water
Hate getting saltwater in your eyes? well, full face snorkel mask is tightly sealed to your face, this means no water leaks when your snorkelling! There is no way for water to get into your mask when you enter the water, meaning you can spend hours snorkelling in the ocean.

Give Your Own Full Face Snorkel!
We have highlighted all the benefits of a full face snorkel mask, but if you truly want to know if a full face snorkel is right for you then go try it out for yourself! there are loads of different suppliers who ship worldwide.