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Does Provide Trusted Trading Services in Australia?

trading with Index Review

Out of all the brokerage houses operating for Australian residents, is a relatively new brand, but one that promises to provide trusted trading services for a broad range of instruments.

Considering the online trading world evolved meaningfully over the past several years, the global growth in demand for these services can be easily noticed in Australia. More people start to trade and now the question is: does IndexReview manage to deliver? This is a broker providing access to plenty of different features and enjoyed an increase in popularity during the past months, which makes it imperative to conduct a more in-depth analysis.

Strong commitment to regulation and transparency

IndexReview claims to have managed to develop a new standard of trading innovation over the years. But technology alone would be incomplete without authorization for providing such capabilities. From the day it was established, has been a regulated broker under the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), ensuring safe and secured trading conditions, unlike many brands that lack this kind of an ‘insurance certificate’.

Operating under the radar of an international regulator means compliance with AML and KYC, tight privacy rules, and transparent trading services. Index Review seems to be aiming to provide cost-effective online trading, flexibility, diversification, and adequate customer support services, regardless of the previous trading background of each client.

An abundance of trading products

The trading products currently cover a wide array of markets, including CFDs based on FX, stocks, indices, commodities, and some of the largest cryptocurrencies, providing Australian residents with a diversified pack of instruments to take advantage of the volatile financial markets.

Margin trading, competitive spreads, 0 commission, and fast trading execution are some of the reasons why traders are currently working with Index Review. With a high level of global uncertainty, online trading needs to be done in a diversified fashion and traders need to keep the risk spread, so no unexpected market move will be able to create high damages.

IndexReview is encouraging responsible trading and by providing enough trading options, customers don’t need to worry about a lack of trading products and can get involved in as many instruments as they want.

Proprietary trading software

Differentiating from other competitors can only be done by providing a personalized trading ecosystem and the most important part of it is represented by the trading software. At, traders will be able to take advantage of a proprietary platform that comes as a browser-based solution.

The main reason why the broker believes this is the right choice has to do with the necessity of flexibility and speed. With no installation required, traders can log into their trading accounts fast, by simply accessing the platform via any browser, on any type of device.

Index Review is proud to say that its trading solution integrates some of the most important trading tools, including advanced charts, risk management tools, one-click trading, price alerts, and several other features.

Optimal trading conditions for Australian residents?

As compared to other trading brands, manages to provide competitive trading services for Australian traders that would like to trade CFDs and take advantage of price movements in a broad range of assets, all under the regulatory framework.

Believing that online trading is for everyone has been the key motivation behind Index Review’s initiative and now there are plenty of educational resources available for those that want to learn how to trade. Trading is a skills-based endeavor and with the right knowledge + proper work, anybody can tackle how the markets function.

Ultimately, at there’s professional customer service in English, which means traders are able to get in touch with a representative via multiple channels and solve any trading-related issue that might arise along the way, and not spend endless hours in front of bots.