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Want to further your brand on Facebook and YouTube? Check this out

Chances are you have recognized the value of content marketing to build your brand. Companies across all sizes and sectors invest time and money in content marketing. If you are starting a brand from scratch or already have one and want to establish an online presence, this article will help you get started with Facebook and YouTube.

How to market your brand on Facebook?

If you want to get started on Facebook, here's how you do it:

Create and set up a Facebook page

Creating a Facebook page for your company, as you may have guessed is the first step. Setting up a page on Facebook (or any other online platform) helps you establish your presence online and makes it easy for anyone to contact or follow you. Additionally, your brand's trustworthiness goes up with each positive review you get.

To get started, fill up the critical details like your profile and cover pictures, a concise bio, website and channel links, office timings, location, and a Call-to-Action (CTA) button.

Establish your presence and get as many followers as possible

Once you have your Facebook page ready, it is time to get followers. Invite your friends, family, current customers if you have any, and get them to follow your page and share your posts. Direct Messaging (DM) other profiles and influencers is another thing you can do to gain traction.

However, you have to provide them with value or a good reason for them to follow you.

Conduct and promote events regularly

Audience interaction is crucial to keeping people interested. The best and most real way to interact with your audience is live streaming. Go Live once every week or two to answer your followers' questions, talk about discounts, promotions, brand updates, new products and service launches, and so forth.

You can create an event on Facebook and get people to follow them. Enter the necessary details concerning the event, invite your followers, and you are good to go. You should also know your way around the best Facebook analytics tools.

Create tons of content

Audience interaction, Facebook analytics, advertisements, etc. do not mean anything unless your content is top-notch. You need to produce valuable content consistently. You could put up written posts, high-quality images, long or short videos, live streams, etc. However, you need to put up at least one post on your Facebook wall every day, and as many in your Facebook stories.

At first, you will have to experiment with different types of content to figure out which posts tend to get the most engagement. You can use Facebook analytics to determine this. Once you do, your Facebook marketing strategy is set.

Use Facebook groups to promote your brand

Look for groups on Facebook that match your niche and join them. These groups host potential clients and followers. You can direct them to your brand by helping them out with their doubts and queries. In other words, be sure to provide value instead of promoting your brand incessantly.

How to push your brand on YouTube?

Getting mileage on YouTube involves creating killer videos and optimizing them for YouTube.

Tips for creating YouTube videos

Here's what you can do to create some excellent YouTube videos:

Create a script and storyboard and make sure each cast member knows their roles well before you start shooting. Every part of the shoot has to be planned to avoid losing time and money.

Invest in some high-quality equipment. While you do not need state-of-the-art studio-level equipment, you should have a DSLR camera or a phone with an excellent camera. Additionally, you will need to get your hands on a tripod or Gimbal to keep your camera steady while you shoot.

Pick up an external audio recorder to record the audio. Using your phone or camera's inbuilt voice recorder is not the best way to capture high-quality video, which is why you are better off going the extra mile using high-quality equipment to record audio. Once you finish filming, import the raw footage and the audio tracks, and synchronize them on your video editor.

Remember to shoot your videos in an abundance of natural light and use other light sources to supplement it if required.

Remember to keep the following tips in mind for YouTube optimization:

YouTube channel customization

You need to make sure you create an excellent first impression if you want your visitors to subscribe. Given the low attention span and high competition, the margin of error is minimum. You can use a catchy channel name and high-quality images for your logo and cover to create an excellent impression. Apart from this, add a crisp bio and description of what your brand is about and what you wish to offer.

Use CTAs

Another great thing to do is to add CTAs. CTAs help you direct visitors to your videos, playlists, websites, or social media handles. Using a CTA to encourage the viewer to watch the next video ensures an increase in viewership and watch-time. Adding YouTube cards and annotations for this are generally most effective at the end of the video, especially if you want the viewer to watch a relevant video or the next one in the series.

If the upcoming video is not relevant to the one the viewer is watching, be sure to direct them to a video that gives them context to avoid creating a disconnect.

Use Cross-Promotion

While YouTube marketing is probably your primary area of focus, you should also promote your channel on other social media handles. You can find your target audience on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Sharing your latest videos on these platforms as you upload them will help you keep your followers up-to-date. You can also repurpose your YouTube videos for these platforms.

For Instagram, you can use the most important or exciting part of your video and upload a one minute version or use IGTV for longer clips. Additionally, use Instagram Insights to track your progress on Instagram, YouTube analytics and Facebook analytics.