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How Terpenes Are Different From Essential Oil

It may seem that terpenes and essential oils are the same thing because of the various similarities. They come from the same plant, are aromatic and used for the same things. These similarities have caused a lot of misconception that they are the same, but they differ. Let’s check how both are different from each other.



Terpenes are the organic oils found in the cannabis plant which produces various flavours. Yes, these are the organic compounds which produce a certain type of aroma and flavor. Cannabis is rich in terpenes and if you have ever consumed cannabis then you are familiar with the taste and feeling of terpenes in it. There are many types of terpenes and the fascinating thing is that they have medicinal effects. They can reduce pain and inflammation. People who suffer from terminal illnesses can benefit greatly from terpenes. Most terpenes produce soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Depending on which terpene you are consuming you can have that relaxed high feeling, sleep more peacefully or feel energetic.

Plants are the common source of terpenes and there are some insects as well that produce it on their own. You may or may not have noticed this but you encounter terpenes every day. You come across them in your kitchen. How is lime juice different from standard lemon juice? The citrusy scent is distinct and it is because of the terpenes. There are isolated terpene natural products like the bath products, perfumes, cosmetics and the list goes on.

Many people make use of essential oils to replicate the same effects which are procured from terpenes. So, what is an essential oil?


Essential oils:

Essential oils are aromatic and concentrated that is acquired from natural products like flowers, leaves, seeds, roots and fruits. It is hydrophobic and a volatile compound. Essential oils are used as a trendy product in many ways these days, but its use is common since the ancient times.

Essential oils are obtained from processing plants in multiple ways but the two most common ways are cold pressing and distillation. The oil is named on the plant from which they are derived. For example, if the oil is derived from tea tree leaves then the name of the oil will be tea tree essential oil. The oil is named on the plant because the oil will have the essence of the plant. Essential oils are popular because they offer many health benefits and many people use it like a diffuser in their house to create that wonderful scented atmosphere.


The difference between essential oils and terpenes:

Even after reading about the essential oils and terpenes you may still be skeptical about the difference. So, here is a brief on that:

  • Way they are made: Essential oils are made of different types of chemicals and they have a flavor of a particular plant species. Many essential oils contain terpenes along with a variety of different compounds. So, in essential oils you are consuming various chemicals and ingredients that you are not sure of.

On the other hand isolated terpenes are just made of themselves and these are removed from the plant in a very selective manner.

  • Extraction method: Essential oils need a lot of raw material and as per an Earth Science journal, to produce a pound of lavender essential oil about 250 pounds of raw lavender is required.

For terpene extraction there is no need to extract so many raw materials. All essential oils have terpenes along with different other compounds but terpenes are made of themselves.

  • Therapeutic effects: The therapeutic value of an essential oil is enhanced with the use of terpenes in it. For example, in a terpene linalool that is found in lavender gives a soothing relaxing effect.


Another terpene limonene gives that refreshing and revitalizing feeling that many citrus fruits provide. Limonene also offers mood boosting properties. If you have taken a walk in the forest and enjoyed the essence of pine which improves your focus then it is due to beta caryophyllene and terpenes alpha pinene.

If you want something that is pure then you should go for terpenes because you can be sure what type of terpenes are there in a terpene product. You can also learn about terpenes and as per your needs choose the one that suits you. If you feel the smell of a terpene product is good then you should try it because your body knows what it likes. Moreover, terpenes have been there since ages so it is a natural resource which you can trust.


A natural terpene product to combat anxiety, stress, pain and inflammation:

The CB2 oil from Natura Wellness helps you stay calm and get a sound sleep at night. It also recovers your body from pain, stress and anxiety.

This natural terpenes Australia product activates the CB2 receptors and contains fat soluble vitamins along with omega 3,6 and 9. The active terpenes in this oil gives the sense of calm to the body and helps your body to feel more relaxed and grounded.

You can get deep sleep and hence your body can recover easily from muscle soreness and stress. If you buy terpenes Australia you can get some additional benefits as well. The oil is useful for normalizing cell differentiation, improving immunity, promoting healthy gut and much more.

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