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Everything You Need To Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

You may be familiar with the microblading and full brows treatment but there is something similar that can work better for your scalp. This process is called SMP treatment or scalp micro pigmentation treatment which is like creating an illusion that your scalp is full of hair.



Why Scalp Micropigmentation is important and what is unique about the treatment?


It is an art! According to a makeup artist and SMP practitioner in Los Angeles, named Michal Cohen, "Both the treatments are under the micro-pigmentation category but these are two different methods for implanting the pigment."


In microblading, a manual blade is used but for micro-pigmentation an electric tattoo device is used. This process requires more power to penetrate the skin on the scalp because the skin on the scalp is thicker than the skin under the eyebrows.



Who can benefit from SMP and how does it work?

In microblading, the eyebrows hairlike lines are created, but in the SMP hair loss treatment, the goal is not to do so. In this treatment, tiny layered dots in various hues of black are used to replicate the look of a shadow on the scalp.


This type of style is known as pointillism and it is done for creating the natural-looking definition and depth in hair. A highly skilled practitioner makes sure that these dots look like natural hair follicles and blend in well with one's complexion. For best results, a well-known practitioner should be contacted for this process.


This process is beneficial for those people who experience all kinds of hair loss. Some causes of hair loss are hair thinning, alopecia, cancer and patterned baldness in male and female.


Can this process hurt? What is this process?

Is the process painful? Well, this depends. Before the process is initiated, the practitioner will apply a topical numbing cream on the scalp, but still, there may be some discomfort. The discomfort is directly related to the pain tolerance level of the patient as well.


Those who have scalp acne, different skin sensitivities like psoriasis must avoid this treatment during the acne breakout or when psoriasis is causing a lot of problems. It is because when the scalp is affected it becomes difficult to apply the topical pigment. It is not good for those who have keloids as well.


Some general scalp micro pigmentation before and after guidelines are as follows:



Before the treatment:


you must wash your hair because after the treatment you cannot wet or wash the scalp for 4 days after every treatment session.


Treatment time or sessions will be defined by the practitioner depending on the scalp area that requires SMP.


Treatments will be scheduled a few weeks apart and each treatment will take 4 to 5 hours.



After the treatment:

Between the treatments avoid sauna rooms, excessive sweating, and swimming. After the complete treatment, you must avoid these for 28 days


No scalp exposure to the sun for the first four days after the treatment. It means better long retention of you to avoid the sun. After the comply treatment, avoid sun exposure for 28 days. If you need to go out, then it should not be more than an hour, and use the SPF 30-50 sunscreen.


After the final treatment and on the fourth day you can moisturize your head regularly.



Treatment cost and time duration:


The SMP Hair treatment price varies on the scalp area that needs treatment. Cohen states that the price of treatment is between 400 to 1000 dollars.


This treatment is considered semi-permanent so the effects may last up to 8 years and the area that is treated will fade over time because the skin exfoliation happens naturally on its own.



Is there any risk?

Like every medical process, there are risks involved with SMP as well. The tattoo ink is injected deeply using a thick needle and it may cause some allergies or infections linked to the tattoo ink.


Well, to be a practitioner you do not need formal training. So, with due intelligence, you must look for well known SMP treatment centers near your area or in the city to avoid complications and get proper treatment.



Finding the right practitioner

Last, but not least, finding a skilled practitioner for SMP is important. When you visit the SMP centers look for SMP training certification. The practitioner must be a licensed body art practitioner as well as per the state requirements.


The environment should be clean and sterile in the center. Proper Barrier protection must be implemented during the treatment like there should be guards on the SMP treatment device, mask, barrier tape, and nitrile gloves.


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