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A Bitcoin trading strategy usually addresses the entry and exit points you would take when trading. When exploring the different trading strategies for Bitcoin (BTC), you need to consider your individual trade goals, risk tolerance, and capital.

The Access Bitcoin Code App community has adopted a few strategies to ensure success. Bitcoin trading is trickier than it first appears. This article will help you navigate discovering new methods with tips that can take your Bitcoin trading to the next level.

Bitcoin Breakout Strategy

The first part of breakout trading is entering the market as early as possible when the Bitcoin price reaches its prime point, anticipating it will break out from the previous range. Based on the theory that when a stock reaches a critical support level, significant fluctuations around that level will be a limiting factor.

Traders can identify these crucial moments when they enter the market and ride any trend from beginning to end. Bitcoin traders use volume levels, technical indicators such as the RSI or MACD, and other traditional analyses to identify support and resistance levels.


If you already own Bitcoin, and there is a possibility of the market declining in the short term, this may be a good time to diversify your coin investments. Hedging helps investors to reduce the risk of their investment by opening trade in an opposing direction. To hedge Bitcoin investments by selling a portion of them for the current market price to expect them to fall.

If the cost of an asset decreases, you could then repurchase it for a lower price and make money off the difference. Some analysts argue that a short Bitcoin trade will cancel out any losses on your original Bitcoin holding. Some analysts say that a short Bitcoin trade will cancel out any losses on your actual Bitcoin holding.


HODLing is the most famous term that every Bitcoin trader has used at one point. “Hodling” was initially coined on an online forum in 2013, when a user made the mistake of typing “hodl” instead of “hold.”

Today, “HODL” refers to a strategy in which one continuously reinvests into bitcoin without the intent of trading back to fiat. But Bitcoin is often volatile, meaning that this strategy could end up costing money. When making big financial bets, it’s often hard to put a number on your losses and plan to make it hard to trust the strategy thoroughly.

Trend Trading

A trend that extends consistently higher or lower is a famous market. The strategy can be successful for any time frame, as you hold your position open until the trend ends. Many people view bitcoin as a trend, and it saw a significant spike in popularity throughout 2017 that caused it to reach its highest price of $19,763.50 in December.

The most significant driver of the trend is FOMO or a fear of missing out. As the world’s largest and most famous market, trend traders must keep up with any changes in the news to maintain an understanding of how their commodities could be affected.

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