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Mitt Romney Trails Barack Obama In Social Media Presence

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(PRLEAP.COM) The Michigan-based Spartan Internet, provider of paid search marketing services, continues the widely acclaimed Spartan Internet Political Performance Index for the 2012 presidential election.

Spartan Internet refocuses the 2012 SIPP Index around the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney dropping Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul from the data collection. This decision was enacted to take a closer look at the internet strategies of the top two presidential hopefuls. This makes it easier to compare their individual strengths and weaknesses without having the obstruction of any peripheral data. Keeping Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich in the SIPP Index would skew Obama's and Romney's head-to-head match up.

Overall, Barack Obama carries 80.23% of the internet market share, leaving Mitt Romney with 19.77%. Romney's market share increased since last week's SIPP Index; however, that can be attributed to the dropping of Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich from the Index. In fact, Barack Obama's internet market share increased by over 9% with Gingrich and Paul removed from the SIPP Index, while Mitt Romney's rose by a little over 7%.

Mitt Romney's social media presence is significantly less than that of Barack Obama. However, the news presence of each of the candidates tells a slightly different story. In news presence, Barack Obama still holds more of the market share but by a much smaller margin.

This week's results can be found at:

Spartan Internet has leveraged its web expertise to objectively develop the SIPP Index to quantify 650 relevant factors into a single representative score for each candidate's overall internet market share out of 100%. The 650 factors are derived from numeric values from across the Internet such as social networks, candidate websites, and blogs, news media and search engines. The resulting score is indicative of each candidates overall online ability to reach individuals and connect on key issues.

About Spartan Internet:

Spartan Internet Consulting is a leading online marketing consulting firm that provides strategic internet plotting and implementation services to global clients as well as seo for small businesses. Spartan Internet has more than 30 specialists on staff with offices in Lansing, metro Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, and Washington DC.

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