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The Top 7 Australian Commerce Products

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We help Australian start up enterprises and small or medium businesses to expand

We are Australia's business building specialists. Our valuable business name speaks for itself. We are among the leaders in promoting Australian businesses.

Find out more about our top 7 business building tactics.

Discover the power of's business marketing programs.

We achieve business marketing success with using business news writing and publishing, online eCommerce, lead generation, affiliate marketing and PR or public relations to assist businesses to make more sales by introducing their products or services to new customers.

Whether your business is in Food, Travel, Motoring, Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty, Technology, Marketing, Sport, Money, Health, Entertainment, House & Garden, Life Style and Retail or a profession, can help to create new customers, subscribers and loyal long term consumers.

1. Be in the News

Using the proven ability of favourable appearances in business news to build brand awareness within the Australian public, we offer guest news features on suite of business news websites.

Each article will be written by our team to highlight positive aspects of our clients' services, products, events or people.

Note.. Articles will always include

1. Up to three images
2. Up to 1000 words subject to content topics
3. Hyperlinks to client websites or landing pages.

Every news article will direct viewers instantly to information pages where they can respond to the business message by seeking more information or in some cases, purchasing or placing an order.

Viewers will get to know that your business exists and they will find out more about your services or products.

2. Sell with powered by may list and sell your products, services or events on which is our high traffic loyalty program that offers great value to guests and subscribers.

Selling both to our subscriber base of consent email recipients, together with out vast online audience at and our specialist websites, we will be your outsourced marketing assistant.

We will discuss a fixed rate of commission or a fee per confirmed sale remuneration package for each sale that we make for our clients.

3. Lead Generation

Using well placed image and text ads to interest a wide client base, will locate new customers, new newsletter subscribers and people who will request catalogues.

Subscribers are the key to repeat business. can prove to our clients how major Australian start ups and existing businesses were transformed into new media giants based on gaining subscribers who buy many times throughout the year. Think lots of sales not just one time bargain hunters.

4. Content Marketing partners with some of the World's leading content marketing businesses to work with clients looking to use well written articles containing credible, accurate and timely information about a business and its products, events or services.

We write our own or publish work commissioned for other business' clients.

Well written content will lead to new followers and website visits from "buy ready" web travellers. These new eyes will boost the value and increase the sales generating potential of businesses that choose to work with

5. Co-Registration Specialists are experienced in working with small and medium enterprises to build their subscriber or database membership/

Using techniques like competitions, two for one offers, cash back incentives, limited time offers or deals,'s marketing experts are able to acquire the details and demographics of people who express interest in our clients' products or services so that our clients can continuously market to them.

We are one of Australia's leading co-registration practitioners.

6. Affiliate Marketing people are experienced in lead generation using affiliate marketing.

We assist many business operators in a wide range of industries including Food, Travel, Motoring, Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty, Technology, Marketing, Sport, Money, Health, Entertainment, House & Garden, Life Style and Retail or professions to find, develop and work with new affiliate publishers who will represent or promote their brand.

Affiliate marketing is NOT about getting as many creatives ( 300 x 250 pixel banners for instance ) on other sites. It IS about locating other business people in related industries who can work with a business in a positive way to share their existing client base to pass on leads that they cannot fulfill.

It is important to remember that will find and nurture affiliate partners who will enhance the brand or our client, not just advertise their products or services.

When chosen with care, affiliate marketing partners are a tried and proven tool in brand marketing.

In exchange for a commission on actual sales, vetted affiliate publishers will be a valuable part of the marketing mix for our clients.

7. PR - Public Relations - Publicity are experienced in creating favourable impressions about our clients.

Being seen is important in PR. It is how movies are promoted and how business products or services become household names. None of it happens by accident !

We are equally qualified to assist a business to overcome bad publicity in news, online forums or in the press. We use a range of anti bad news techniques that include rebuttal articles, swamping bad news with favourable content that pushes adverse material off the first page of Google search results or making direct contact on behalf of our clients to publishers that harbour unfair, inaccurate or unsubstantiated information about our clients.

Our staff includes journalists and locally based copy writers who know how to craft online or press content that will change public perceptions.

" PR really works!

We lead the pack in the hunt for new business for our clients"

The Top 7 Australian Commerce Services Summary

1. Be in the News

We write and publish positive news articles about our clients to boost public awareness.

2. Sell with powered by

We sell products and services for our clients in exchange for a fee or commission

3. Lead Generation

We create and publish competitions or special offers to collect subscriber information for marketing purposes.

4. Content Marketing

We write and or publish advertorials that promote businesses with commercial content about products or services.

5. Co-Registration Specialists

We offer incentives and competitions on a range of websites to gather details of people who consent to receive marketing messages.

6. Affiliate Marketing

We plan, set up, and manage affiliate marketing services for a range of publishers and advertisers.

7. PR - Public Relations - Publicity

We work with businesses to repair adverse publicity or to create favourable impressions about products, brands or services.

"Ultimately the goal of marketing is to create conditions for people to want"

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