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One of Australia's most successful business education companies, Business Blueprint, is launching the world’s first 24-hour small business channel.

Dale Beaumont, the creator of

Business Blueprint has started trials of its new 24 hour Internet TV small business advice and education service. Set to go live officially at on September 1, 2015, the service will broadcast free lessons to people in 185 countries.

The business training lessons will start with a suite of 100 studio quality business education TV like web video broadcasts that Business Blueprint will repeat at 3 hourly intervals to allow for time zones.

Business Blueprint will live stream programs that are actual lessons not business news or statistics that are found on news channels such as Bloomberg & CNN Money.

Dale Beaumont, founder of Business Blueprint said "This is something that has never been done before. We will be teaching business principles to a global audience in real time. Our aim is to nurture new enterprises, inspire would be entrepreneurs and assist small businesses to grow into medium businesses and even beyond that to global enterprises"

"We will be providing the infrastructure that will allow business experts in their fields to instruct countless people around the World. Students and would be business creators will no longer have to enroll in an educational institution. People will not earn a degree but they will have the fundamental knowledge to get started, avoid many mistakes and not have to reinvent the wheel. Business Blueprint has set up feedback channels to allow online students to ask questions or seek clarification on aspects of any business lesson."

Business Blueprint is another example of entrepreneurs and inventors providing the technology to allow fundamental change in the way we do things. Entertainment businesses already use technology and social media to communicate with an audience and now an education provider is using the same technology to reach a new global audience of students.

Just as Netflix has revolutionised the entertainment industry with on demand low cost programming, Business Blueprint is using telco and internet structures to bring about fundamental change in the way education is delivered.

Netflix means that people do not have to tramp off to a cinema to see their favourite movie. Business Blueprint will enable anyone to sit at their screen (big or small) on a laptop or smart phone and learn what they want to know without having buy text books and front up to classes.

The live streamed segments are between 30-60 minutes in duration and they are designed to teach business owners exactly how to simply and effectively implement step by step strategies.

Content will cover everything from marketing, managing finances, to sales and hiring staff.  These lessons will empower SME owners by giving them information and insights that they need to be more confident and qualified to achieve their own business objectives.

Many of the training sessions will be broadcast live and Business Blueprint will use an interactive platform, to enable viewers able to ask questions and receive answers in real time. This means the audience will be able to play an active part in the learning process, and obtain information to specifically help their enterprise.

Dale Beaumont, Founder of Business Blueprint says, “Our organisation has always been passionate about business and education, and although we’ve helped tens of thousands of people over the past six years, we believe we can do even more to give back. We know there are still millions of business owners around the world who are struggling, when they don’t have to, which is why we wanted to create a single platform for people to grow their business.”

After three months of construction, and over $500,000 worth of equipment installed, the Business Blueprint team have invested heavily in ensuring the newly built studio, located in the northern beaches of Sydney, can tackle even the highest rating stations. And with new research revealing people have more than doubled their digital video viewing time in the past three years [3], this innovative TV model will disrupt its commercial counterparts and impact the way traditional media is consumed.        

Within the first year, the service will have over 350 videos, all recorded and presented in HD and accessible on all smart-phones, tablets, computers, and later on televisions too. The site already has over 15,000 subscribers on the waiting list, with the goal of reaching over 1,000,000 registrations in less than two years.

Although this service is innovative, the team behind it are no strangers to success. Lead by Founder Dale Beaumont, who at just 34 has already built Business Blueprint into one of Australia’s most successful business education companies, sold over 250,000 books and delivered over 1,000 business presentations, the team also includes experts from various fields, such as Head Of Digital Media, Carolyn Birchill who has previously worked with the likes of MYOB, Optus, CPA Australia, Foxtel, and Toyota.

There is no doubt that Business Blueprint, one of Australia’s most successful business education companies, will revolutionise business education when their 24-hour small business channel starts officially on 1st September 2015 at 7.00pm.

The live streaming service will be completely free and will make company education accessible to millions of people around the world with hundreds of hours of training sessions from a range of successful entrepreneurs and experts.

The World is being changed by technology. Business Blueprint is an education game changer because people in third world countries as well as more advanced regions will not need to seek admission to a school, tech college or university to attend lessons in order to find out key points that they need.

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About Business Blueprint

Business Blueprint’s mission is to continue to be Australia's #1 Business Education Program, by consistently offering their members ongoing value, and ensuring they have access to Australia's largest library of systems, templates, and step-by-step training videos. The result is Business Blueprint members are able to make changes and implement change faster, and get everything they need to succeed all in one place.

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