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Indigenous Business Month kicks off in Sydney

“We need to focus on business strategy and stop looking to policy to find business solutions”

“We need to focus on business strategy and stop looking to policy to find business solutions” Owen Walsh*

Courageous vision; articulating the difficult conversations; honouring and building on Indigenous entrepreneurship drawing on 60,000 years of business practice, tenacity and resilience as we move forward to new economies and ways of thinking as a part of a Global landscape filled with opportunities for innovative, consultative and technological approaches coupled with strong business acumen and agility where our Indigenous business leaders will forge growth and success and with what for many will be equally driven by a deeper desire to create sustainable impact to enrich the lives of many.
Congratulation to the MURRA Alumna who when tasked by Associate Professor Dr Michelle Evans on what their Leadership contributions would be have launched this seminal initiative the inaugural Indigenous Business Month, launched this morning (1.10.2015) at Customs House in the City of Sydney.

Joining Owen and Michelle on the panel were Jason Eades, a Gunnai man and CEO of PWC Indigenous Consulting with over 20 years of experience across the community, government and corporate sectors and Monica Barone, CEO of City of Sydney. Welcomed by Elder, Aunty Norma Ingram who also shared her thoughts and wisdom with us, the enigmatic Mayrah Sonter, Director of Creative 33 and MURRA alum, was instrumental in creating this successful platform this morning and exquisitely emceed the morning’s discussions.

Today’s launch revealed enriching debate and discussions, research and practice, illuminating the importance of connectivity, cultural knowledge, collaboration, with respect to the diversity and emerging recognition of the growth in expertise, interests and growing successes of Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs across many industry sectors. As Michelle shared many Indigenous businesses currently have an annual turnover of $1M with many exceeding this.

Intuitively entrepreneurial, Owen is developing his own business acumen through hard work, resilience and innovative forethought recognising how approaches and practices in emerging economies in India and China can be applied here fused with the energy, cultural and industry knowledge as well as businesses practices from home; specifically as a proud community connected Aboriginal man who embraces his culture, youth, technology and business through his studies, community and industry experiences. Owen is equally impassioned to encourage more Indigenous young people to embrace business and value the social impact business can create as well as the legitimacy and opportunities of entrepreneurship as reflected through self-determination.

Recently at our UNSW Indigenous Winter School Business program for Indigenous High school students, Owen gave two invigorating lectures in entrepreneurship and information systems which captured the imaginations of our participants. To uncover more about their and other Indigenous business student’s journeys at UNSW,   I encourage you to watch our recent film Indigenous Success from Winter School to Graduation.  Film Link -

To discover more about what’s happening during Indigenous Business month across the country check out: 

Rebecca Harcourt

Program Manager  Indigenous Business Education,  UNSW Business School
Editor Nura Gili News, Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit

*Owen Walsh is a proud Wiradjuri man and is in his fourth year studying a dual degree in Commerce and Information Systems at UNSW Business School. Owen is also an intern with Tourism Australia and will undertake a vacationers program at KPMG this summer