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3 Things You Can Do to Encourage a Happy Workforce

The main concern of any business owner will be aimed towards ensuring the success of your company and it is sometimes easy to forget about the people who work with you to make that happen. If your organization is a happy place to work in, then your staff are more likely to produce a good standard of work and this is essential in achieving a successful long-lasting business.

In order for people to feel happy they need to enjoy all elements of their lives including work so if you can create a welcoming and friendly working environment they are more likely to enjoy what they do and feel good about their job. Here are some ways you can create a better work environment to help your workforce feel happier and more engaged.

1. Say Hello

Greeting people who you come into contact with every day comes naturally to everyone and is often something we do without really thinking about it. However, consider the days when you’re in a rush or you’ve just been delayed for half an hour in a traffic jam, do you storm in to your office and hide until the frustration has subsided? If you’ve answered yes then the chances are many of your colleagues and employees have felt intimidated by your actions and are less likely to approach you which could have long-term consequences. If you’ve had a bad morning, the best approach is to take a few minutes before you enter the office to take some deep breaths and remind yourself that no one at work is to blame for your bad morning.

Research has found that smiling even when you don’t feel happy can change your mindset and make you feel more positive. It also has a similar effect on those around you as does being greeted personally by someone. Encourage your colleagues and employees to say hi to each other every morning and watch as the atmosphere brightens.

2. Office Space

It’s an environment which many of us spend the majority of our time in so it’s important that it’s a pleasant and clean environment. Although you cannot control people’s attitudes and emotions, you can eliminate physical workplace problems. For instance, providing an adequate number of desks, encouraging people to keep communal areas tidy and fixing faulty items will help to eliminate stress and the sources of many workplace issues.

The staffroom might not be high on your priority list but it’s really important that this is a nice area for your employees to rest in. Studies show that regular breaks help people to recharge and can benefit a workforce substantially. Ensure there is comfortable seating and adequate, and working facilities to cater to everyone’s needs. Items like an efficient microwave, coffee machine or Water Logic Australia dispenser can go a long way in pleasing employees and creating a better environment.

3. Positive Thinking

When everyone’s focus is on making a product or service work it is very easy for people to get caught up on the negative aspects like what isn’t working and whose fault it is. However, this can affect moods and emotions within your workforce so when dealing with things like giving employees feedback it is good practice to use the ‘sandwich’ technique – start with something positive, and then address the problem or negative issue before finishing on another positive note.

You can create a happy workplace if you are willing to put in a little effort and take time to consider how people might feel. It’s often the little things which make a difference and can help to make a work environment a nicer place to be.