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Why business owners need to take care of their health

In order to grow a healthy business, business owners and entrepreneurs need to first and foremost take care of their health.  Starting a business can be stressful, often business owners feel the impacts of longer business hours and elevated stress levels due to prominent workloads.  This is linked to the associated mental, emotional and physical demands on a business owner’s health. Financial stress, professional isolation, long hours and blurred boundaries between home and family life are all a part of starting a business and working hard to ensure it succeeds.


Ensuring the business grows, breaks even and grows the return on investment, usually means the show-runner has to be on the ball, alert, aware and engaged constantly.  Taking care of your health is essential as it leads to better fitness, having more energy, better circulation and better memory. This leads to better moods, better sleep, better digestion and better endurance to deal with the long hours.   It also means you are more alert and in a position to make better decisions - particularly under stress.   Stress is one of the biggest killers for high achievers, particularly those involved in growing businesses and intense operating environments.  Stress is a high risk factor for heart disease because stress exposes your body to unhealthy, persistently elevated levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.   Exercise helps the body to reduce stress levels by producing endorphins.


The NSW State Government initiative ‘Get Healthy at Work’ specifies the impact that unhealthy employees takes a higher toll on performances and profits of businesses. Specifically, to the reported sick days and higher rates of absenteeism.  Employees predominantly look to their employers, or business owners, on how to conduct themselves – as such, business owners lead by example. Results from the State Government enterprise have shown that small businesses with unhealthy staff are two and a half times more likely to experience high rates of absenteeism, compared to workplaces on the other end of the scale that reported having healthy staff. This also leads to additional strain on co-workers who have to pick up the slack.

Further, high rates of absenteeism could potentially be costing small businesses up to $50,000 more to run over five years, then businesses with low rates of absenteeism. This is a huge impact that an unhealthy workforce could be having on business owners.  Owning and operating a business is probably one of the most time consuming jobs a person can do, thankfully, Carlos Elysee has created two world leading programs that will get you into shape fast and keep you in shape - the 'Ten Minute Turnaround' and the '30 Minute Blitz'.


Both short programs are designed especially for time-poor people like business-owners and entrepreneurs.  Both programs can be undertaken anywhere at any time, do not require any equipment and do not need gym membership.   They are based on high intensity, low time - interval training which means the exercises are easy to do and can be done at any intensity.    The fitter you become, the more the intensity increases.   The Ten Minute Turnaround is designed to get you started and engaged in exercise - eventually leading you up to the 30 Minute Blitz.


The 30 Minute Blitz is a longer, more intense exercise regime which is based on high intensity for short durations of time with the aim of building strength and endurance.   Both programs are ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who are busy juggling busy roles and needing to squeeze exercise into their schedule.


As a business owner, your health should always come first so your well-being is looked after, then you can figure out how to best serve your clientele with a clear head, healthy mind and body.

Carlos Elysee, Fitness Entrepreneur

Founder, 30 Minute Blitz
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