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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business’ Hiring Plans

When 2017 finally arrives, make it a point to look for new ideas for your business to help improve your hiring techniques. With all of the new technologies and different strategies that help companies in the digital age, it’s time to do more with your recruitment, training ideas, and hiring research. You’ll find easier, more inexpensive ways to get the word out about your job openings and more effective ways of reaching potential applicants. Here are five New Year’s resolutions for your company’s recruiting plan in 2017.

1. Use Digital Job Application Tools

One method to try in your recruiting is a digital job application tool. You can find many of these tools can be incorporated into your website. That way, when you need to hire a new member for your team, potential new employees can find all that they need at your company home. Many organizations, including the government, have found it easier to get great job applicants through an online web tool. You can make it possible for candidates to easily upload or send a resume and a cover letter to show off their skills and knowledge in the industry.

2. Consider Data Analytics

Using data analytics for your business’ hiring goals is another great way to get more results with your plans to expand your staff. Data analytics are used in many different industries to find out more detailed information about a group of individuals. You can get details about the type of job candidates that routinely apply to specific job postings to help you get better results with your job description and recruiting process.

3. Improve Your Training Process

In addition to improving your hiring process, it’s also wise to invest in making your human resources department and training initiatives better as well. Staffing your human resources and training team with capable experts is one way to streamline and improve the process that new employees go through. Hiring new graduates who majored in communication management with USC Online may be a wise choice if you want your staff to have skills in innovation, insight, and communication.

4. Get Feedback From Employees

You can also take advantage of valuable feedback about the hiring and training process with recently hired employees. Have new employees participate in surveys right at their hire date to learn more about what recruiting techniques worked well and which ones fell flat. Discuss some of the positives of your training process in detail with new employees, and have them make suggestions about how to make the new hire period more effective.

5. Find Your Niche Job Market

Lastly, you want to target your recruiting tactics so you’re only focusing on the type of candidates you need in your organization. If you want educational leaders with doctoral degrees, try using job boards through colleges like Maryville University. Learn more about a phd in education online and why hiring someone with this degree could benefit your place of business.

Figuring out the best ways to recruit the top people in your field can be tough. Try some of these methods to get your ideal team of potential leaders and innovators together.