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Qualities that make Good Leaders

Warren Bennis rightly puts, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” An efficient leader is one who has a long-term goal and puts his maximum efforts to turn his ideas into reality. The role of a leader is three dimensional. A good leader always aims for the welfare of his organisation, society and of course his country.

What are the Qualities of a “Good Leader”?

A leader can be called ‘good’ or ‘bad’ on the basis of the following qualities mentioned under:


A good leader is always confident in all his doings. Hence, it is important for a leader to be sure of his own decisions. Overconfidence ruins a person. A leader must not be overconfident as it will certainly affect his work, decisions and also his subordinates.


One of the important qualities of a good leader is honesty. An effective leader always works with values, ethics and beliefs. A leader cannot expect his subordinates to respect him if he is dishonest and not trustworthy.


An efficient leader who has a goal works committedly towards to it in order to reach them. Sincerity, passion and commitment are some of the prime qualities a leader must possess.

Also, a good leader always takes the opinions and feedback of his subordinates which indeed helps him to perform better. A leader must also motivate his team members to work efficiently by sharing his experiences and ideas which helps both the firm and the employees to grow professionally.

An Effective Communicator

A good leader must be an effective communicator. He must regularly interact with his subordinates and explain to them the objectives, strategies and their role in the business or project. He must also understand his team members closely and also help them to evolve as a better human being.

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A Good Decision Maker

An efficient leader is judged by the decisions he makes. The decisions taken by a leader must be stable and benefit the organisation at large. A good leader must always keep in mind the various factors which can have adverse effects on the decisions made by him.


In this modern world, it is indeed important for a leader to be extremely creative and innovative in his work. It is his creative mindset which sets him apart from the crowd. He must also think out-of-the-box and turn the goals into reality.


A good leader is always empathetic towards his subordinates. He must be understanding, reliable and dependable. He must be easily approachable so that his team members can speak out their problems and concerns which are bothering them. A leader must be frank, straightforward and loyal to all his subordinates.

Well, above all, an effective leader is the one who works from the heart and not from the mind.

These are some of the qualities a leader must possess in order to leave a permanent mark in the hearts of the people. A leader must, therefore, create a powerful impact in the minds of the people not just professionally but also emotionally.