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3 Foolproof Ways to Eliminate Toxins and Renew Your Health

Every day we encounter thousands of toxins. They enter our bodies through our lungs, digestive tract and skin, and then circulate in our blood stream. Gradually these toxins compromise proper cell function and weaken every system in our body.


Our lymph system, liver and kidneys work incessantly to eliminate these toxins, but usually we take in more toxins than they can handle, and the toxins end up being stored in fatty tissue. Thankfully there are 3 proven ways that we can optimize our body’s cleansing system and regain our health.


What are toxins and how are we exposed to them?


Toxins are harmful agents, including heavy metals and numerous chemicals, that are present in our environment. These agents hinder the natural functions of our body and lead to a variety of diseases.


Here are some common ways that we are exposed to toxins:


  • Pollution in the air - The combustion engines of vehicles and a wide variety of industrial activities pollute the air we breathe with sulphates, nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride, black carbon and mineral dust.

  • Chemicals in food - Fresh produce and meat contain residues of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, while highly processed foods contain long lists of artificial chemicals that add flavor and increase shelf life.

  • Medications - Many of the active ingredients in pharmaceuticals effectively treat one condition, but at the same time cause toxicity that can cause other diseases

  • Cleaning and personal care products - Most disinfectants, air fresheners and other cleaning solutions, as well as perfumes, sunscreens and other personal care products, contain chemicals that damage our lungs, disrupt our endocrine systems, weaken our immunity and can ultimately lead to cancer.


3 Foolproof ways to eliminate toxins and renew health


With so many toxins surrounding us, we need to find ways to help our bodies eliminate them and stay healthy. Thankfully there are 3 proven ways that we can do this:


  1. Take adequate vitamins and minerals - Our bodies need 13 different vitamins and about 10 different minerals to function properly. These vitamins and minerals help convert food into energy, repair cellular damage and in short, strengthen every system in our bodies, including our natural cleansing system.

  2. Eat high-quality protein - Our bodies use proteins to build and repair every type of tissue in our bodies, as well as to produce and regulate enzymes and hormones. Proteins are the building blocks of life and are essential for improving overall health.

  3. Lose weight - Excessive fat increases the risk of many diseases and also stores toxins. Losing weight will significantly decrease the level of toxins in your body and increase your overall health.


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